Pacquiao VS Bradley on SKY CABLE Pay Per View

Friday, April 11, 2014

It's time to settle the score! It's time to know who will reign supreme on kitchen stadium jowk! This weekend, crimerate will go down, nobody will go out of their homes and everybody will be glued to their TV's to watch Pacqiao versus Bradley 2 this Sunday, April 13 at 8AM. In order to prevent fights on TV usage, SKY CABLE will once again offer Pay Per View just for this event so you won't have to get upset with spoilers on Facebook or Twitter.

You don't have to go out and watch fights in coliseums that morning as Bradley defends his title as the WBO Welterweight Championship Belt is on the line. This only costs Php 999.00 on HD or Standard definition Quality so ifyou have friends or family who want to see it first, the do the right thing and call them now at 02 3810000. Cook microwave popcorn, brink beer or drink coffee this early because it's so early in the morning.

Let's also cheer on our fighting Congressman Manny Pacquiao! We wish him all the best! :)  

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