Century Tuna Superbods 2014: The Send Off Party!

Monday, April 07, 2014

It was a night of great bodies, great assets both inside and out. We were all there as we celebrated with Century Tuna and the champions of their own journeys, a proper send off party for the finalists of Century Tuna Superbods 2014 was on call. They came out from back stage flaunting their bodies; all of which they have worked so hard to achieve these past few months. I listened in on their criteria and they have put emphasis not just on physical attributes, but the whole journey on how they got there.

This year's finalists are Darlene Anderson, Diane Tan, Grace Murillo, Alaiza Malinao, Catherine Almirante, Michelle Magno, Nic Marable, Paula Marciano, Sara Santucci and Nicole Kaufmann. Surprisingly, they are from different regions in the Philippines. Century Tuna Executives said they are so glad at the turnout because they wanted the whole country to be represented well in this search. 

I specifically like this lady (on the left) who's journey of being over 200+ pounds before and now to this shape where she can wear anything with confidence. Her story is amazing and I already voted for her after purchasing a specially marked can of Century Tuna (where you'll get your codes from)! If you want to do the same, please go to this link and vote for your favorites! 

Then we were also able to see the men who also joined Century Tuna Superbods!

They are from different walks of life. I think I've even interviewed one of them for Azkals a couple of years back. If you vote for them, you'll even get the chance to win a trip to Boracay and witness the search in the flesh! The finalists for the male category comprise of Anton de Murga, Gerard Go, Julio de Leon, Evan Spargo, Laurens Tolenaars, Marneil Anthony Lim, Mauro Lumba, Miguel Lasala, Rendon Labrador and Joshua Lubrico. I think Lubrico and Magno are the ones from the US which will compete alongside our hopefuls from the Philippines. Isn't that neat? It's already becoming international! :)

Not only are these guys handsome, but they are proud to tell you their small stories too. I remember one of them telling how much he wanted to jump for joy because he didn't think that he would be able to enter the contests' finals. It was on the stage that it hit him, that this is the real deal.

Seeing them up close like that gave us all a glimpse of what's going to happen on April 25-27. Their qualities pretty much sums up why they were chosen as this year's finalists. I already have my favorites and I'll be voting for them by using the codes found on the can's topper. 

Now, you might not be having fun at all because these guys are currently using suits and dresses. Let's take it all off shall we? (Warning NSFW and kids!)

Here are the ladies in their swimwear!

See what I mean by hot?! :) Well there's more where that came from for the female form, here's our hunk finalists for Century Tuna Superbods 2014!

Now some of these guys are actually models from Philippine Fashion Week because I still remember some of them. With washboard abs, good looks and a sculptured physique, who do you think will win this year's Century Tuna Superbods 2014?! :)

This event wouldn't be possible without the help of the best budget airline Air Asia Zest,  Carb blocker Carbtrim, the famous Gold’s Gym, the lovely Gardenia breads, Medicard, network giant Smart, The District, Zen Wellness Spa, Azur, Bite Me, Black Market, Nereku my favorite edgy shoes, Pink Salmon, Pearl of the Pacific in Boracay where I hope I'll stay in LOL, San Mig Zero, Solaire Resorts & Casino and their wonderful Eclipse Bar, SM Supermalls and SM Mall of Asia, Tony Galvez Salon and Victor Ortega Salon for the contestant's grooming and hair styling.

I can't wait to see what will happen in Boracay. Hopefully we can cover that too! :) And by the way you can still have that superbod figure if you follow the plan at http://www.centurytuna.ph/superbodschallenge. You'll thank me for it! :P


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