Kogi Bulgogi Fun Meet and KPOP Chicken!

Monday, April 28, 2014

My love affair with Kogi Bulgogi started way before they knew me. Each time I go to a lunch break or dinner, I would immediately think of them as first on the list. The thing I love the most is their Dolsot Bibimbap and I just jazz it up by putting more chili sauce because I love it super spicy. Aside from that, I also order a family size Kimchi Salad so it would present a cold contrast to the hot bibimbap. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. As far as I know, it's the best Bibimbap in town and price wise, it's reasonable so there is no contest on this. We also went here for the Kogi Fun Meet which they hold I think on a regular basis, so follow them on Facebook if you want to join that.

Then we had lunch served!

The California Roll is good and filling. They make this fresh and only serve it while you order. There are other good items on the menu that are worthy of praise but this one's good.

This is Pa Jun or Korean Scallion Pancakes. It is more savory than eggy. I guess that is the effect of the scallions on the pancake. It's smell permeates throughout the egg and it would be a really great thing to eat for starters. We had more things ordered but this next one is free!

Korean Banchan are starters to any meal in Korea. It is also served every time you order a meal in Kogi Bulgogi. They are keeping it authentic unlike some restaurants that would probably charge you a fee just for this. I love the anchovies and of course the hot kimchi!

All time favorite Japchae! You can't leave Kogi Bulgogi without ordering this from he menu. Word of advice though is to eat this while it's hot. It tends to stick to each other when it gets cold but nonetheless it's absolutely good and tasty!

The piece de resistance, this is Kogi Bulgogi's KPOP Chicken. It's their answer to the latest Korean chicken craze. It's a household favorite in Korea which they commonly call as Yangnyeom. This is their KPOP Chicken Sweet Soy Flavor. It's not too salty, crispy but must be eaten while its hot. It is the favorite of the kids. For those who doesn't want it to be too spicy, please order this version of KPOP Chicken! It's available in 4, 6 or 8 pcs.

My favorite is the Kogi Bulgogi KPOP Chicken in Spicy Soy. I love the wings dipped in this spicy sauce and it's so good if you pair it with the hot Kimchi Rice which I think is only found in this restaurant. I can't wait to try it again so I'll go back this weekend just for the KPOP Chicken goodness I've been craving for!

Plus I love the Banana Ice Cream which totally beats the heat!

As for me, I still love Kogi Bulgogi front and end. They even have me immortalized in the shelves of Kogi Bulgogi in Gateway Mall in Quezon City. Whatever it is they are serving from these restaurants, I love the food, I love the shots of Lemon Soju, I love the Bibimbap and the new KPOP Chicken. They are making everything interesting and I will surely go back for more. Need I say more?!

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