Melts In Your Mouth Crispy Pata at Livestock Restaurant ⚫ Bar

Friday, April 18, 2014

We've been looking at great restaurants recently and we've stumbled upon a protein rich one right here in the heart of Quezon City. Located at the sweet street of Sgt. Esguerra is this huge establishment called Livestock Restaurant and Bar. It's beside Packo's Grill and a stones throw away from Wil Tower catering mostly to nearby offices who would want to spend great lunch or dinner or something else after office hours. We've looked at the menu and I'm surprised to see that they've got meaty specials and great pork dishes that can rival the best in the metro. I'll tell you a little more about that later, let's look around first shall we?

The Interiors

The term Livestock instantly would imply a more western vibe to it but the look of the restaurant was more of a relaxed, medium scale sports bar with emphasis on the great selection of wines and spirits that you'll see right from the moment you enter its doors.

They've got ample amount of parking so you don't have to go and leave your car out on the street if you have issues with that. The selections of drinks as you see wouldn't be a problem because most of their offerings are laid out on the counter. You can ask your friendly server what you may want to be served but remember that they have good wine here that would go perfectly with the dishes you'll see later. You can bring your friends along on big sports events because they'll probably have them shown on those wide screen HD TV's they have around the restaurant.

The restaurant has three floors but has got around five sections for seating. I highly suggest though that you try and secure a spot in the comfy banquettes on the ground floor if your plan is to dine. If you opt to smoke or grab a few bottles with your friends I suggest you ask for al fresco or the top lounge and that'll get you in the mood talking. As you can see they opted for clean lines and functional pieces on this joint. Though, no matter where you are you'll always bound to get good service from their very attentive staff. Don't mind them if they check on you every now and then because that's more comfortable than raising your hand a few times to call for it. Overall, it's very well maintained and airconditioning is good despite the pretty hot weather!

The Food

As mentioned earlier, we were really there for the food. They were a little religious about offering the best Crispy Pata in town and I've got to check that out before leaving this place after a few hours. We needed proof, that's just it. We never meant to eat for pleasure, no we're not like that! LOL! 

Think of large sized Mussels stewed in broth, beer and white wine- simmered a couple of minutes served with spices and a couple o slices of buttered bread. It's a done deal with this Drunken Mussels. It's hearty and warm, perfect as a soup/starter for the meal.

This is the Livestock Caesar Salad. It's chopped Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons, shaved and grated parmesan cheese, creamy caesar dressing and mouthwatering chopped pork belly. It's filling, if you are on a diet then this is good for you. Much of your diet will end on the pork belly of course! LOL

If you love Thailand and Thai food, this might be the one you're looking for. A boyfriend? No. This is Livestock's Lechon Tom Yum. Your favorite hot and sour broth that's got veggies, seafood and the lovely crispy skinned lechon mixed with it. Anything with Lechon is a license to make you happy. Get some piping hot white rice while you're at it! :)

This is Livestock's Four Egg Spinach. I think it pretty much sums up it's ingredients. Whites from Chicken egg, Century Egg, Salted Egg and Quail Egg. It's served with spinach that's still crunchy, I love that part. It's different but I know a lot of people who'll adore this dish!

When celebrations call for it, we need Livestock's Melts In Your Mouth Crispy Pata! But wait, what is that weird thing they have inserted on the meat? A Popsicle stick?

Weird. This crispy pata suddenly was cut open by that popsicle stick. It's a trade secret says the owners of Livestock. They have a special way of cooking and preparing this chunk of pork goodness. It's soft and some parts fall of the bones while the skin still maintains it's crispiness. This is something that you should never miss when in Livestock. You'll thank me after!

White fish probably Dory pan fried while lightly dusted with flour so it turns out crispy then smothered with cream and bits of portabello mushrooms making it meaty and earthy at the same time. It's a lovely thing to have if you only want a light meal, unceremonious but it would also be lovely with white rice. We had it ala carte and it was still really good considering their specialty is coming right up! 

Say hello to Livestock's Crackling Pork Belly. It's pork belly meat tied up with lots of herbs and spices. It permeates all throughout the meat and everything about it is so tender. The roasted meat is paired with butter, lime/calamansi, chives and liver sauce tastes so good. It's a little close to Chinese suckling pig only that it's in the form of boneless pork belly and you can eat it all in one shot. If you want a fix, make sure you grab a beer or two while you are in Livestock because you need it. It'll cut through the fat just make sure that it's cold. Mmmm....

We finished it off with something sweet, this is Livestock's Bacon Ice Cream. It's placed on top of perfectly cooked french toast, then drizzled with a generous amount of maple syrup, sugar and honey. It's so lovely and nice you can finish it off with a glass of wine and still get away with it. It just happens everyday at Livestock Restaurant and Bar. This is located at #34 Jardin De Zanaida Compound, Sergeant Esguerra Avenue Barangay South Triangle in Quezon City. You can call them at 3320409 for reservations but you can always drop by anytime since the space is big. One more thing, never go out of that place without trying the Crispy Pata or the Crackling Pork Belly. Don't say I didn't warn you! :)


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