WeChat Partners with Internet Shopping Giant ZALORA

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My favorite mobile messaging application WeChat just gave us great news that they are holding a partnership with online shopping giant Zalora. Better than ever, they are making you shopping experience a whole lot bigger than before by giving out exclusive content, news and promos unprecedented in Philippine internet shopping industry. With over 15 million users across the country, they are giving this user base special access to the newest offers and the ability to easily pay with a single swipe. It's one of the many perks having WeChat and I'm so glad I'm enjoying it until now.

The Senior Director of Business Development and Operations Justin Sun at Tencent said “As Filipinos lead more mobilized lifestyles, WeChat wants to help boost brands by providing them a mobile platform to further expand their enterprises. Aside from supporting retailers, this kind of practice can also open up a new business model for those in the wholesale industries.” In this case, not only will this partnership help both businesses but the retailers and consumers as well. It makes sense, if you've got a consumer that's got WeChat installed on their phones that means they've got a smartphone right? The people with the same purchasing power are also the ones that would bound to be the customers of Zalora. It's a perfect fit!

 My hunch was right and confirmed by Mr. Paulo Campos the Co-Founder and Managing Director of ZALORA Philippines. He says “Our partnership with WeChat is a natural fit. With this mobile messaging leader at the helm, ZALORA can stay connected with shoppers and ensure that they remain up-to-date with all of our latest offerings.” Having been able to also shop there, the convenience of choosing a product, paying for it easily and having it sent right to my doorstep was so convenient. It beats the shopping mall in so many levels because you'll never have to drive through traffic, you'll never have to be bothered by the crowd plus you'll get even bigger discounts now that WeChat and Zalora made this partnership happen! :)

Bigger discounts? Yeah! There's an exclusive promo running now for WeChat users that can get you 60% off on purchases at collective.com. All you need to do is download WeChat on your smartphone or tablet and add ZALORA’s Official ID on WeChat: ZALORAph. If you follow them, the subscription messages provide an e-coupon instantly. This will entitle you to that discount we mentioned a while ago. Enjoy this e-coupon whenever you shop in Zalora online. :)

It's hot outside, be in the comforts of your own home and start shopping!

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