Bench Body Whitening Lotion Made With Nanobright Technology

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

When we got an invite by Bench a few days ago, I was a little clueless about what the buzz was all about. A new product seems to be in the works and they were announcing it Friday. Bench/ is home for me so I visited the place and had myself settled in a dreamy white room filled with media, Bench celebrities and executives. It was indeed a wonderful white night!

Bench/ Body then came out with these three new whitening products developed with nano technology to give you the skin you deserve. Hydra White is both a whitening and hydrating lotion that's got milk, b vitamins and a 48 hour moisture lock, all of which promises us to whiten skin in 7 days. It also repairs rough and dry skin so if you are of this skin type, be glad that Sam Rodriguez (daughter of 80's actor Miguel Rodriguez) is here to represent you. She says that Bench/ Body Hydra White is not sticky and she loves the fact that he hydration lasts 48 hours and maintains that supple soft skin that everybody wants.    

Sam is into production (even at a very young age) so if you often see some music festivals outside of Manila, she's probably part of that. A budding entrepreneur and marketing diva she says it's important in the business to actually present yourself well and if that takes to apply something like Bench/ Body Whitening lotion to hide those small imperfections, she's all for it! She's so thankful that Mr. Ben Chan has given her the opportunity to be with the Bench Family. She's bound to have more appearances soon and it's so nice she's starting with a world class brand!

Another lady appeared and I think I've seen her a couple times already. She's Dominique Cojuangco (daughter of Gretchen Barretto and Tony Boy Cojuangco) and she's apparently back in the Philippines for a few weeks. She already left Saturday to continue studies in London. She's been living quite independently and is enjoying being a normal person taking trips on tubes and seeing museums in that city. She says she enjoys life there but terribly misses Manila which is still home. Proud Mum, Aunt and cousins were in the audience and made sure they rooted for her. This is after all the first time she's endorsing a product and trusts Bench for all the right reasons. She says she likes Bench/ Body Supra White because it's the most intense whitening lotion in the line. It's got nano encapsulated glutathione and SPF10 that also promises whiter skin in 7 days and protection from the sun. It's something that has been researched well and you've probably seen people who have tried Glutathione in this country. It did wonders right? but this one would only be in a very complete form, affordable/competitive price. She also says she loves the sun protection because it's the cheapest way you can get away from wrinkles and botox when age starts to show. 

Natur White endorser Addie Manzano (daughter of Edu Manzano) unfortunately wasn't there for the launch. The Bench/ Body Whitening Lotion Natur White varian has got a light and fresh feel to it that is best for sensitive skin. It's based from Papaya and natural extracts and promises the same whitening effect in 7 days plus it evens out the skin tone.

7 days? Yes you can. There's no reason why you shouldn't have fairer skin this summer now that Bench/ Body Whitening Lotion has arrived. If you want to see more, check out this video they just released and see how it feels to have whiter, sexier skin! Nanobright technology makes the particles so small that it easily gets absorbed by the skin... faster... whiter!


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