Happy Easter!

Monday, April 21, 2014

A lot happened in a few days. You probably did the same. I didn't go out of town that much but had a pretty good time spent with my folks at home. 

I went on a day trip in Sta. Maria in Bulacan. It was my best friend's wedding anniversary so I had to rush and get there just to say hi. Aside from that, I bought a ton of these to take home.

It did spoil my diet of Glucerna and Century Tuna but I think it was worth it. I still managed to lift weights in between but of course if I binged on these crunchy wonderful chicharon it'll take a long time to get the weight back. Aside from that, I also had a very good easter lunch over at Peppermill Restaurant and Mixology Bar in Katipunan. My cousins from the US arrived and the uber nice food from that restaurant did not disappoint. If you want to see my review of Peppermill you can check the link provided.

And might I suggest you order a full slab of the Agave Beef Ribs which was superb!

I also went to church and prayed. I also got burned at stake haha. I'll be very busy this week though, stay tuned for more updates on Century Tuna Superbods which we might live blog all the way from Boracay! ;)

So how was your easter celebrated? :)


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