"Stay Cool" Wrangler Sun Chaser Challenge

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I've been joining the Wrangler Sun Chaser contest on Instagram and I've been totally obsessed with it because aside from the fact that I get to show off my iPhoneography skills, I'll get the chance to win a whopping Php 8,000 worth of gift certificates courtesy of Wrangler. They've got stores in the metro and I adore a lot of their jeans and shirts. If you haven't joined yet, you are missing A LOT. Aside from the 8,000 peso prize, you also get the chance to win a trip to ANY DESTINATION of your choice anywhere in the world! You just have to win though from challenger countries in Asia Pacific. 

I have some of my favorites the last round where the theme was "Smell Nature". Check these entries here!

@dionwiyoko from Indonesia

@thedanielparkershow from South Africa

Or @thelawry from Australia I think?!

The Philippines has picked a winner too for last week's round and it's @rhainepineda. Just check out her entry here and see why she was the best one in the country! http://instagram.com/p/m38m5sOuha/

Now I'm sure you can do better than that right? She might have won this week that coveted 8,000 peso gift certificate but don't fret! The good news is, there are a few more weeks with different themes. I even joined this week! It's all about the theme "STAY COOL", easy right? So go right ahead and take those shots outside while embracing the sunshine. Take gorgeous shots of blue hues of the beach, the sky or your blue jeans. Take that all in on one photo and upload the best in Instagram. Do not forget to use the hashtags #WranglerSunChaser and #Philippines so it gets included in contest. If you haven't got photos now, you might want to use your vacation photos and start from there! It's easy! I even have a lot of entries this week which will run from April 21 to 27.

If you need more information, check out www.WranglerSunChaser.com and their official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WranglerPH. Follow them also on Instagram at http://instagram.com/WranglerPH. Do I really need to convince you? :)

Let's go boys and girls! Let's chase the sun!


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Wrangler PH
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