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Saturday, April 26, 2014

It's been three long and fun years getting 355 million registered accounts since its inception. WeChat has definitely made my social life so good with its great features and exclusive promos. Remember in 2013 when Iya Villania and Drew Arellano appeared on TV for a WeChat commercial? Well, it's going to be another momentous event to see more of WeChat this 2014 as they launch a brand new TVC this May. Isn't that amazing?!

Best of all, they are getting one of the country's top fashion influencer. Who else is going to be with him/her? IT COULD BE YOU! No joke. To become a part of this shoot, you just have to do a few things. Just take four (4) SELFIES beginning today until early May whilst portraying the expressions happy, angry, sad and surprised. Then share those through the “Moments” section of WeChat. Then take screenshots of it and then send it to the official Facebook page. On that post, just make sure you tag @WeChat Philippines. Wouldn't you like to be part of this awesome shoot? :)

WeChat has always been the perfect mobile chat application that perfectly fits our lifestyle. No matter how you feel, it's the great app that can suit your mood and can easily be communicated with your friends and family. I admire Drew and Iya when they did the first commercial because no matter how busy they were in their respective shows, they still keep it a point to get in touch with technology as wonderful as this. WeChat’s “Video Call” functions had them talking hours or minutes in between tapings. They also use “Hold To Talk” to send sweet messages via chat when one or the other is busy. The sweet “Moments” function also served as their repository for photos so they show what they're doing all throughout the day if they needed to check on each other. Now, this is the perfect chance for you to show how you use WeChat! Make sure to follow the WeChat Fans Official Account ID wechatfansph so you get tips if you want to join.

You'll surely love how WeChat innovates the way how you connect with your loved ones. It's time to share that now. I did!


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