Samsung Philippines Launches Galaxy S5, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit

Monday, April 07, 2014

We were there a few days ago to witness the launch of Samsung's newest phone the Samsung Galaxy S5, plus their new Samsung Gear 2 Neo and Samsung Gear Fit. It was one of the most awaited phones in the market because of the promised features it'll bring to consumers including this phone to be waterproof! No joke!

It's got one of the fastest Auto Focus features in its camera so taking a shot would be a cinch! You can also get vivid HDR quality images if you want better captures. It's Selective Focus can easily contain your subject and blur the background, one of which is seen in today's DSLR's. 

The thing even measures your heart rate with it's built in sensor. Health buff? The phone is perfect for you! Just place your finger on the back and it'll do exactly that.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 also connects to the new Samsung Gear 2 Neo and Samsung Gear Fit so if you run, bike and tumble... you've got the perfect reason to buy these gadgets.

One of the craziest things I've ever seen is the "Download Booster" feature. It boasts of connecting both to LTE and WIFI TOGETHER! That'll surely make your movies and music leeching much faster! This is also Wireless AC that uses MIMO technology.

They demonstrated the phones capability to be dust and water resistant by putting the phone underwater and on sand... I was amazed they even moved the touch screen while doing that! Amazing!

Watched how siblings Phil and James Younghusband were testing out the Fingerprint Security Features of the phone. It'll open it up in seconds without the fear of losing your precious phone or data. Phil also won a phone that evening so he's one of the first who got one in the Philippines. The phone also has Ultra Power Saving Mode that said can get it to last up to 12.5 days. I have yet to test that out because I don't own one. :P

It's got a 5.1” Full HD Super AMOLED Display so watching HD video or just plain images would be a treat!

 The party was also grand because DJ Tommy T aka Tom Taus spinned for us that night. There was free flowing Hennessy too!

Now why wouldn't I get one of these phones no? It's price is also a little high (Smart pegged it at Php 39,990.00) but if you are after the newest one that can weather the elements and get you the best technology in phones, make it a Samsung Galaxy S5!


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