Too Cute To Miss: Tupperware Eco Bottles

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Found these cute bottles on my timeline and wondered what they were for. Apparently, they are all Tupperware Eco Bottles and they have released this in celebration of United Nation's World Water Day. These are reusable containers and was meant to lessen garbage/disposable containers. It's also non toxic and has got less impact with nature. 

It's got a screw on cap for less spills and a very nice grip on the sides so it won 't slip. I want one of those 1L bottles so it'll fit right in my fridge. It's also available in 500mL and 750mL. Plus, I love the small holes on the side that's got those cute little world charms on them. Not to mention the Blue Spa and Tangerine colors which these bottles come in. This is a nice bright idea Tupperware, thanks for making an effort to save the planet!

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