The Shakey's Business Roundtable

Friday, April 25, 2014

International Family Food Services Inc. Shakey's Brand Manager Koi Castillo, Marketing and Guest Engagement Director Chez P. Manalaysay, EVP/CEO Vic L. Gregorio and General Manager Jorge Q. Concepcion.

Say hello to some of the people behind the enormous success of Shakey's! Yes! It's that same restaurant you've learned to love all these years. Now, better than ever - they invited us over to actually get to know them a little more than the usual. The company itself has been so quiet these past few years, but have grown so tremendously huge during this period. Case in point? This is the only brand in the country that officially has posted double digit growth for 10 straight years! Unbelievable? No, because with careful business planning and corporate changes that have been executed well - they have not just set a record, but has broken this mark twice in its existence. Plus, this is their 40th Year in the Philippines, ain't that much industry players in the country that has achieved much as they have.

Shakey's very own Mr. Vicente Gregorio (EVP/CEO of International Family Food Services Inc.) told us about the company and how they were able to turn around their Pizza chain that was losing a lot during the late 90's. Remember the beer place we used to have then? Well, they weren't earning that much and the customers dwindled down during those years. They had a call to reinvent themselves and they got the right man for the job. I didn't know till that day that the CEO actually worked in this place in the early 80's. He proudly mentions that he started as a dishwasher to make ends meet - then moved up the ranks. The corporate structure and the people inside the corporation had an existing system that generously gave recognition to those that must have worked their butt off the place. Isn't that inspiring? Now, he's one of the most coveted movers and shakers of the corporation, that's together with the people who made it now a worthy family centered restaurant that it is now. This is the same reason why they are putting that same practice and value in learning. They dedicate so much in training -  to get one of their best assets up a notch... their people.

Speaking of assets, Shakey's Marketing and Guest Engagement Director Chez Manalaysay told us about some of the new things inside their stores. We also delved on some of the software/apps that they have in the Google Play Store and Apple store. Have you heard of Send-a-Shakey's? Anywhere around the world that you have friends/family, you can surprise your loved ones in the Philippines by ordering online and have them delivered right to their doorstep/be consumed inside the store by ordering online. Isn't that sweet? Aside from that, they've also got the Shakey's App where you can order barkada/group meals that'll save you a lot when you order through that. They also have 2 buses roaming around the country just to get to your Shakey's fix... that's Shakey's on Wheels! I've heard thousands enjoyed that! They are ready to serve pizza, pasta, chicken and everything else on their menu if you wish. Plus, who wouldn't love the Pizzanatic Supercard that can get you great deals or free pizza when you order your favorites from the store. Isn't that neat? :)

This Shakey's branch in Katipunan is actually one of the few lone standing stores of Shakey's that they plan to actually have more of. Aside from the brand new spanking interiors, they've got pretty sick amenities inside the store that you won't find in other fast food outlets of its caliber. The Fun Zone is my favorite, it brings back memories. I love arcade games and this will definitely take me back to that time again. Oh nostalgia! Also, they've got awesome sports events on HD TV all day every day!

Shakey's General Manager for Operations Jorge Concepcion gave us a rundown of things we love in this joint and what we need to look forward to - this as they continue to listen to you their important customers as they continue to evolve even their menu.

A new item the Lemon Cucumber Cooler was nice. Then of course I had to have my favorites too aside from the lovely thin crust pizzas that they have, I gotta have my Chicken and Mojos. Shakey's has shown how big they are, act on every issue and improve a ton. After all, they're here for the long run! It was awesome getting to know this brand a little better, thanks to the good people of Shakey's for having us!


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