EXCLUSIVE: BUM Back To School (Behind The Scenes Teaser)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

We were blessed to have been able to barge in the shoot of BUM's back to school collection a few days ago. I was a little sad that I didn't get to see Bea Binene (she was sick during this shoot apparently) but the rest of the new endorsers were there. Nash Aguas, Jane Oineza, Diego Loyzaga and Ella Cruz were already in their back to school wear, getting shot in a huge set that was turned into a classroom. 

This is just a teaser, I'll have to hold back releasing the rest of the shots because I'm sure you'll love the official photos from BUM shot by Ash Evasco. It'll be out on May, I'll release the rest of the photos by then but in the mean time, enjoy these behind the scene shots of these really nice guys and gals!

Notice the colors on this set, I love the bags, the new jeans and the tops for the guys. The girls are surprisingly designed more on the athletic side too, pretty reminiscent of Glee but one with a little more attitude. Just mix and match it with your existing clothes and it's PERFECT! Don't be afraid of prints or even wearing pink. As they say, real men wear pink!

There's more where this came from but I'd like you to stay patient :) When BUM releases the shots on their official website and social media channels, I'll let you see all my BTS shots. Hope that get's you excited! :) 

Thank you to the wonderful people of BUM who let us tag along and disturb them during the shoot! I bet you can't wait to see the whole campaign and check out what to wear when you're back at school!


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