Paolo Onesa: Pop Goes Standards

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Paolo Onesa sung before us during a small bloggers gathering at the MCA offices in Ortigas. To tell you honestly I didn't know him that much other than he performed during The Voice Philippines. I had my own personal favorite that time and only rooted for one but it didn't matter later on because my bet didn't win haha. Anyway, I'm always up for anything so I listened in. This is his way of introducing himself and from the looks of it, he's bound to be a good one.

Apart from the fact that he's a looker, he sounds so much better singing some tunes. In this album, he's doing some pop songs and treating it with a standard style. If you know Richard Poon, he sounds mighty close to that. Not that he's competition but I guess MCA wants to present him as a younger version since that is pretty much his genre of music. While in the competition, he was actually advised to find his niche because he was pretty much everywhere in terms of music. When he wanted to finally concentrate on one genre, this was really a good match. 

He wanted to sing more originals and some of the difficult songs that divas usually sing. He even did a spin on Love on Top which was sung by Beyonce and it sounded good. This album was a split between what he wanted and what MCA heeded he does as far as song choices are concerned. No arguments though because after all the arrangements were done, it was all good. I went and listened to the tracks these past few days and I guess they've achieved what they wanted to do. It was relaxing, something that you would want to be played at the end of the day when you want to just put up your feet and get a well deserved rest. It could actually even pass as a zen song for spa's but it'll probably be those youngster frequented places. 

While we were interviewing Paolo, his tone reminds me of Matteo Gudicceli. He's young, so he feels like he's a sponge and is willing to actually learn what this industry has in store for him. He's a bit shy but he knows how to crack jokes when needed. That implies he's a smart one. 

His album contains 10 tracks and is available online including iTunes

Lucky In Love
You Are So Beautiful
Make You Feel My Love
Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) featuring Klarisse de Guzman
Marry Me
You're Beautiful
When I Was Your Man
Which Way, Robert Frost?

I strongly suggest though that you get the physical CD because it's way better to have a hard copy. Digital gets lost these days but if you're just buying single tracks, that could be the better option. Thanks to MCA Music for letting us get to know Paolo Onesa! He's bound to charm his way into your heart soon!


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