Buddha Bar Weekend Lunch Grill

Sunday, April 06, 2014

It's so hot outside and you can't concentrate when you wanted to do chores at home. You haven't been going out that much and wanted to treat your family a nice meal. With a very grand interior and cozy seating this place offers, I was off to see Buddha Bar Manila once again! This joint is located in Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City. For starters, I had my favorite drink which is the Buddha Bar Iced Tea!

It's base is Earl Grey tea plus a multitude of fruit juices. I love it with any meal that goes in and out of Buddha Bar's kitchen. Speaking of which, this afternoon was special because we had the Buddha Bar Weekend Lunch Grill pegged at only 899. Is it worth it? TOTALLY. Why? Look at this spread!

The Chef got us salivating over the fresh salads, complete with Romaine, Iceberg and Red and Green Leaf Lettuce. They've go comforting Seafood Chowder, Chicken Salad, Salmon Bites and a lot of variants. Aside from that, they've got some of the best Sushi prepared all for you!

I was trying to limit eating the healthy options that afternoon but there were heavy options on the side of this area. I was bound to have a plate or two. Oh my, but I was so happy!

With those roasted vegetables, hearty baked penne pasta and good fried rice, how can you not love this afternoon lunch? Make sure you save space for what's in store for you outside because this is after all an afternoon grill! 

With surf and turf choices, you'll love fresh salmon, scrumptious shrimp, skirt steak, ribs, chicken and my favorite on the menu... the filet mignon. Make sure you ask outside what your favorite piece of meat is and how you want it done. The Chef would gladly do it for you and have it served on your table. I suggest you also ask for your favorite steak sauce and the sour cream with horse radish/wasabi. It's so perfect for filet mignon!

If you can't make up your mind, you can nicely ask if they can put up a sampler. They'll whip up a batch of grilled pieces together and taste everything in servings. Or you could just surrender and have filet mignon just like me!

I like it medium and it was perfectly cooked by the Chef of Buddha Bar Manila. The spices he put on it and the sauce complemented the meat perfectly!

Then to end the meal, how about unlimited dessert!

Don't be fooled by those things in the back because that's really good filo dough covered in white chocolate and is really yummy!

It was heaven especially the caramel cake, moist caramel cake and Buddha Bar Manila's famous Sesame bars. I ate a ton and a half of those sesame bars and I think they had to refill a few times before I got my sugar fix. 

In a nutshell, you've got all of these dishes for the price of 899. You have unlimited appetizers, starters and desserts, then have one main dish grilled for you in that great afternoon. This is going to be a regular thing and they often do change menus. It's time you go out with friends and family this summer (all Saturdays just for this!), make it a place in Makati for grilled lunch. Make it Buddha Bar Manila! :)


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