The Greenwich Very Cheesy Macaroni

Friday, December 18, 2015

Party emergency? I've had tons of that. If you ever had friends like mine who never tells you they're coming over your house in a moment's notice, everyday is a party emergency. I've got the best solution though, it's 55555. It's the number to call Greenwich Pizza. Aside from the pizzas, they've got really good pasta choices and this one is new, they call it "Very Cheesy Macaroni".

Talk about comfort food no?! It's your not so usual Macaroni and Cheese with real deal bacon bits on top and hot super cheesy sauce all over it. If the Christmas weather is biting you a bit, you can order a whole tray of this or a single order so you can wait for that piping hot pasta arrive in your doorstep. Just grab a bowl, take spoonfuls of it and curl up at the side of your bed or by the window and enjoy Christmas pass by. Aside from parties, it would be a great addition to your Noche Buena and Media Noche that doesn't involve you slaving away in your kitchen and instead just make you enjoy time with family and friends. You should also try the pizzas and fried chicken from the same store if you want the whole enchilada on your table, fresh, hot and fast.

Best of all, I loved how it's not too salty. It's made just right. You can call 55555 or go to today for more information.

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