The Mini Cooper and Shelby AC Cobra from JSPGC: The Perfect Christmas Gift For Boys and the Big Boys

Saturday, December 05, 2015

I've been reminded so many times of my childhood as I was writing about this. In some way, this is what I dreamed of. The technological advancement in the toys these days really impressed me and when the chance to write about cars was in the midst, I immediately said yes. I've been wanting something like this since I can remember and it's even in the type of car I want now. Well, let's just stop the theatrics and let me show you "The Perfect Christmas Gift For Boys and the Big Boys!".

The Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper has been the iconic British car since the 60's. It was the coolest one ever. Back from it's shag days and internationally fancied appeal, the Mini Cooper has been immortalized in toy form by the good people of JSPGC. It's a race car designed by John Cooper. He initially found potential in the car and made it for circuit races back in the days. It's futuristic counterpart was made in the 90's to 2000's and people immediately fell in love with it again. JSPGC actually has been in the trading business since the year 2000. They want you to experience real energy and imagination in their products. They've been trusted and licensed now by many brands to distribute those that can make their most important clients happy, the children.  

Now this isn't your ordinary plastic car usually found in malls. It's built with sturdy hard plastic which I can actually compare with those handy tables and chairs you have at home.

As for the looks, it does actually capture the new Mini Cooper. Theirs is a convertible so your kids would fit in it. The sturdy car can carry approximately until a 9-10 year old kid, or perhaps older when their frame is smaller. 

When I said this is the perfect gift for the BIG BOYS too, I wasn't joking. The Mini Cooper from JSPGC doesn't actually work with pedals, this is actually powered by electricity and runs like a small golf cart if that makes sense.

It comes with a remote control and realistic keys so you could either drive it manually or save your kids from dangerous places by controlling it with this remote. I was clueless at first to actually start it but when I found the keys and a key slot right beside the steering wheel, I turned it on and said WHOA!

It looked like a car and sounded like a car, then it also got these lights on much like the real thing. Impressed, gasped, I was so excited to take it around town and drive it on our garage. I also took it out on the street and had several people approach me because they saw me controlling it with a remote. I think it can go further but I chose to just drive it around nearby so it won't bump against real cars, I don't want to damage it of course. Perhaps it went around 10 meters or so, still you have to take a good look at it so you can watch your kids.

As for the controls, it's pretty simple. There's a button you can flip to go forwards, there's also a high and low speed control, then there's also one you can use to make the car go on Manual Operation or Remote Control. If you see the big circle on the left beside the three red flick switches, that's the key hole where you can put the physical key that comes with the car. You need to turn it like a real key!

The steering wheel is very detailed too. Those buttons aren't there just for display, but it sounds off when pressed. You don't have to worry about crowds crossing the street because it's like real car's horn. I can imagine taking this on the street and stop on corners, you would get the envy of the hood!

If you look closely, that's the only pedal you need to operate while driving. You don't need to break as the thing stops when this isn't pressed. 

The wheel is also made of hard plastic, it can probably carry the weight as I mentioned earlier. I must tell you, I even rode it once to test if it would move... and it did.

The seats aren't upholstered leather but it's going to be comfy if it's just for kids. It's made of the same hard plastic material the car has for its body.

Realistic? Yes, super realistic because it's even got those fancy doors which you can open and close by pushing buttons on the outside. It's pretty amazing craftsmanship and ingenuity, that probably made this really work.

All you need to do before actually driving this around is to charge it for a couple of hours (I think it was recommended 4 hours on the manual) before you could actually enjoy driving this around for hours too. Make sure you don't overcharge it so you can extend the lifespan of the battery. Just take care of it and pass it on to another generation. I'm sure it'll last that long and who knows, it might be enjoyed by your children's children too.

It's a dream to have this for your little boys at home and also a dream to get one for the big ones. If it's not enough to impress you, they went ahead and made an even fancier one. Ladies and gentlemen, meet JSPGC Toy's very own Shelby AC COBRA.

The Shelby AC Cobra

The Shelby AC Cobra was introduced in the US and UK in the early 60's. It's charm basically is that it's got a British body but the strength of an American V8 engine which impressed most car lovers in separate continents. It was during the same shag era where these gorgeous cars were seen and til now, they've been regarded as one of the best designed sports cars in the world. JSPGC has this on their store at RUX Store located in Santolan, Pasig. 

Looks wise, they've got it on a T. It's wider than the Mini Cooper and I can tell they've really put work in the design of this toy car. I bet when JSPGC said "We take playtime seriously!" they do really mean that.

I couldn't believe the details. They've got the decals, the side mirrors, the seats were nice, the exhaust on the hood, the pipes on the side and a wheel screwed in on the back. This one also doesn't need a key to run, they've got a button on the dashboard and it starts like the real thing. You'll be a little surprised at first, but trust me, it's really fun!

It's got two switches, the "Forward and Backward", plus the "Manual and Remote" option. Yes, you can also have this controlled via remote which makes this safer if you want to control where it goes if your kid is on it.

This was the red button that I mentioned earlier, it starts the engine by pressing it.

Just like the Mini Cooper, this also has one pedal and the place where you can charge it. You use a power supply and cord for it. It takes the same amount of time to charge or about 2-4 hours before you can enjoy moving around with this Shelby AC Cobra. It is highly suggested that you don't overcharge so you would be able to take care of its batteries.

If you start and press the red button, it'll also light up the car like this. Ah, I fell in love with the car when I saw that happen. It's really cool to see how advanced we've become in making toys and JSPGC has it. These are just some of the things available in the R.U.X. store in Pasig. If you want to get your kid the perfect Christmas gift and you're still figuring out what it is, then this might just be it. There are more toys out there in different price points, they also have items that are on sale. Some as high as 50%.

You can visit them now at R.U.X Store at #88 Amang Rodriguez Avenue in Santolan, Pasig City, Philippines 1610. These cars are also available in Toy Kingdom, Toy Kingdom Express, Toys R Us and Toy Box stores nationwide. Call them today at 681-1811 if you have questions about these awesome cars! Else, visit their website through the channels below. I enjoyed it, I'm sure your kids will too!


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