Digits Trading Corporation Outs Best Gadgets of 2015

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

This picture reminds me to ALWAYS have to look good. Having friends who do Fashion blogs takes a little bit of upkeep if you know what I mean. I don't really want to look like a rag when I'm with them and the best part of it is that I know I just need to simply use angles (as you can see by the fat guy on the photo). It doesn't take a genius to know they think about what to wear every day while I just put on whatever I have in the closet and put them on, choose a shoe then go. I don't even take the slightest look in the mirror and just bother what I am doing later on when I sit beside them, I just tell myself they're friends and they'll understand that when it comes to styling I don't have a clue LOL. It just shows that we love each other dearly because we're Team Suspects.

It's also Christmas Season. Just like me, you have to have your gadgets look good too Have you done shopping already? Have you already thought about what to give your man? How about your techy friends? Have you seen your phone lately and told yourself how ugly it is and always thought about getting it a new look? Well don't go anywhere further because the people from Digits Trading just made things easier for you. They've compiled the top selling gadgets and accessories from their stores and what better way to give gifts but to actually know what it is before you go out of your house right? I went with Team Suspects to check it out. It was also their way of thanking the media for helping them all these years. Digits Trading is the company behind super great stores like Beyond The Box, Digital Walker, Digital Hub among others that sell tons of internationally renowned brands which you'll see in a bit. Here they are in no particular order!

Digits Trading Best of 2015 by kumagcow

The Braven Balance Wireless Portable Speakers has rich warm bass. It feels like really good music and sound would come out of it without extras, which I think would be good for purists. It can also last for 18 hours as its got 4000 mAh internal battery so you can also charge your phones on it. The Urban Ears Plattan on the other hand can be worn on the street, by executives, even on your workout gear. I must say, this Swedish brand has impressed me even with their earplugs, the colors they have, and the quality of sound in their products. Sometimes it's even better than the one that comes with your device, they practically do it very well. So does the Coloud Headphones which also is very competitively priced. It's very stylish and won't bore you with just the old black or white palette. They also included on the list the Marshall Portable Speaker, it's quality is unquestionable because they are the authority. It's also available in 2 colors, black and cream. You would be the envy of the town if you have it!

They also have the Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. It's got a nice fit, can get up to 8 hours of function. It's also sweat proof, so if you're thinking of giving it to someone who runs then this is the perfect gift. Soundfreaq Speakers on the other hand is designed by real music lovers and it's clean lines, modern look can always fit in your existing home. You can also get this to your small parties and it'll make your event a good one. The Boostcase Gemstone Battery Case on the other hand is good for those who have iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and plus. They've got the case to protect the hardware with the additional juice you have on the powerbank it has by default. I also like that they have the Nude Audio Speakers because I've been using one that's wired and it sounds so amazing. The bluetooth/wireless one is at par with that and they are known to be pretty good manufacturers. They also have the RHA in ear headphones for those who want noise isolation, yes that's possible and they've got it inside their stores. The Nation Union Jump Cables is just an answered prayer for iPhone. Let's admit it, the cables that come with our phones just have a lifespan of a year or so. I take care of it that much that I put stuff around it to shield it from wear and tear, still it gave me problems. This just does the job. The Magic Mount for tablets and phones would be good for those who drive, for those who use Waze or GPS too. To cap it off, they've got the ultimate selfie stick called MOMAX Selfie Hero. It's got about everything you want in a selfie stick, bluetooth connection, it's sturdy and colorful.

When you need to buy things like these, Digits Trading Corporation have Beyond the Box, Digital Walker and Digital Hub to cater to your needs. They're in leading malls and establishments nationwide. My favorite is the Digital Walker store in Eastwood, they also have Recession Coffee there which serves coffee and you just pay for what you feel is right. They've got more things in the coming months so make sure you follow their channels for deals and real thrills!


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