Figaro Releases "Blissful Holiday" Drinks and Meals

Monday, December 07, 2015

Had the chance to visit Figaro in Tomas Morato a few days ago together with some other bloggers as they introduced new holiday meals and drinks this season, they call it Blissful Holiday. I tried them all so don't be surprised why I'm fat for crying out loud LOL. Anyway, here's what we had :)

The Chicken Galantine Canneloni is much like our favorite chicken dish but it's stuffed inside Canneloni pasta and laid in with a chunky tomato based sauce with basil and parmesan cheese. It's hearty and filling, but more on the tangy side. This costs 189 and would be perfect with any cold drink I presume.

The Chicken Mushroom Cannelloni on the other hand is more creamy. For those who prefer a not to acidic kind of dinner, then this would be it. The mushroom bits are mixed into the chicken and stuffed inside the cannelloni pasta too. I think they sauteed that before pouring a little cream on top. This is my favorite. They make it al dente so you can still feel the pasta  when you bite into it.

For those who want a more filling plate, this is their Chicken Roulade Plate. It's got fried chicken breast rolled and breaded with meaty filling inside. It is served with a side of Arrabbiata, Pesto, Al Tonno or Carbonara. It's good for 2 actually, but if you're like me that can actually have a big meal... go ahead and make my day! This costs 249, a bit good for how big of a meal this is. Then, here's the drinks!

This is Hazelnut Cinnamon done three ways. One is a Jelly Float, the other is a latte, and my favorite is the Frost! It's all good, very affordable too and you kinda get the spice in the drinks so in a nutshell, it's christmasy if there's a term for that.

Premium Salted Caramel - my personal favorite among the cakes and pastries served that evening. It's deceiving because you think it's going to be chocolatey but no, it's more on the caramel side of things and it's really good.

For those who don't like it sweet, the Light Ginger Bread Loaf may be your best option. It's fluffy, like a soft gingerbread man and would be perfect with black coffee. I like that they stayed with the taste that would probably be more English if that makes sense. 

For those who love those sweet fruit bits on fruit cakes, this Fruit Loaf Mini is something that you would also like. It's like a lighter version of fruit cake but you get those intense bits of fruit you love in fruit cakes. I know that sounded a bit redundant but that's what it actually really tastes like. Yes this also has rum on it, but not going to make you buzzed after a piece or two. It's nice for those Frost drinks they have in the store. Order more!

 For those who want a combination of sweet and tangy, they've got this Fruit Forest Cheese Cake. It's baked cheesecake topped with whipped cream and layers of fruit cream and 5 kinds of berries. I think it was strawberries, raspberries, blue berries, black berries, red currant. I liked this one too. Have hot coffee with this one instead so it'll contrast with the cold cheesecake. Trust me on hot Hazelnut Cinnamon coffee.

Here's what happened during the small event at Figaro in Tomas Morato:

Figaro Blissful Holiday by kumagcow

For those who love merchandise, Figaro can give you the Figaro Notebook, Ribbed Tumbler, Vacuum Flask, Yellow Stainless Tumbler, Magic Mug, Coffee Belt mugs, Bean Map Mug and Mask Mug available all year and you don't have to collect stickers anymore to get it. Cool right? Aside from that, they've got Gift Certificates. It's the best thing to give if you're near a Figaro Branch and your office mates would just use it for their everyday coffee dose. It's available in 100 and 500 denominations, so no need to worry if you're out of ideas. They can decide themselves and get the best coffee at Figaro.

It'll only be available this holiday season so if you've got spare time, visit a store or branch near you!


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