Found Good Aviators from Takatack

Monday, January 22, 2018

Summer is near so I've been snooping around for the perfect pair of sunglasses over at this afternoon and boy was I glad to see this! It's the Generic Aviator Sunglasses which only costs Php 399, which is pretty cheap of you ask me. Now I won't be spending too much for fast fashion, I just need necessities, just so I could get protection from the warm rays of the sun. It's also on sale now, so instead of paying full price I got it for Php 379, best deal so far for a pair of sunnies.

What I like about it is the frame, the double bridge design fits my face like a glove and won't make me look like a bee in real life. There are other stylish pieces there but the chrome decals look good on me I didn't want to have second thoughts because they might run out fast. It's also got the right amount of tint on it, not too dark that you'll feel night time when it's 12pm. You get enough protection from the glare, doesn't cost an arm and a leg for what's so basic, you'll probably have to get one for your bestfriend just because you know he/she will ask for it, don't get them started LOL!

Go head on to because there's definitely more where this came from. There are other fashionable items on other categories you should look for, the site is like a mall, you just have to click.

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