The PSI Lifestyle Hub in Quezon City

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Got invited to the PSI Lifestyle Hub in Quezon City. It's pretty near my place and it sits right across my old school Trinity University of Asia at the ground floor of The Garden Heights Condominium. I'm pretty familiar with this area because I spent all of my highschool years here. It's bustling with SME's, hospitals, new restaurants, malls but I think it's a pretty nice place to put up a business that would cater to a niche market. It's me and you, the millenials, the xennials, Gen X and Y who by stroke of luck will get to see the new PSI Lifestyle Hub. Here's a short tour :)

I enjoyed knowing that there’s now a store that would cater to big men like me and sell them at a fair price.

If you’ve got a craving for MontaƱo Sardines, or a health freak looking for Benevita Coconut products, or finding a big guy’s outfit at Perfect 10, finding the best London and Korean made stuff from London Cosmetics Manila, or school/office supplies from Chubby Bunny, PSI Lifestyle Hub would be your destination of choice.

Congratulations and again, for those who would want to see the products personally or talk business, please visit them at PSI Lifestyle Hub. It is right across Trinity University of Asia and St. Lukes Hospital.

You may also send your inquiries at Facebook page because they’re ready to answer if you have questions about the products they offer. I’ll be back there to shop for clothes soon, I found a long sleeved shirt that I like.

Big boys don’t worry, they have huge sizes up until 7XL.

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