The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Hack

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Now I don’t know if a lot of people actually know this but I just find this a good deal at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Bistro.

I used to order just a latte while I work at their branch in BGC but I was a little hungry today and ordered French Toast. It’s bread dipped in egg, milk, with powdered sugar, cinnamon, honey and drizzled with honey/Maple Syrup.

It only costs Php 190 I think. Around 200 for the tip lol. But it’s pretty much bang for the buck if you think about it. You see, they actually serve this with brewed coffee with milk and sugar on the side. So in a sense it’s a latte that you’re getting at the price of your usual coffee cup in CBTL.

So the next time you order, get the French toast! :)
This just made me happy today LOL, like I cheated a system hahaha!

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