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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Got invited to the Hoppler launch in Makati. Apparently, they’ve got a better business deal for anyone who has a knack in the real estate property business. Property listings are by the thousands each day and not everyone gets the slice of the cake. Hoppler actually makes it easy to get everything online for you.

Alvier Marqueses the Marketing Manager of Hoppler says “We started 2014 as a startup. Getting leads as brokerage firm, we saw potential in mass producing what we do. We employed brokers once but our operations cost increased, so we opened this to external partner business to grow our own business. We are an online brokerage firm and we have a lot of things in store for you, we also show that there are real people behind our partners. This is the latest in real estate.

Ramon Gonzalez the COO of Hoppler says “We are an online property brokerage, digitizing the local brokerage industry and we engage in clients and brokers. These days it’s hard to find properties and we have lots of buyers. Hoppler wants you to find both. We are not a subscriber based listing, we do not limit listings and even have listing programs for incentives to those who have a lot of them on our app. We spend a lot in marketing it, we give you leads and help in converting it as a sale and we are excited to bring more brokers to our platform. We are coming out with a whole year of events so our partners could make more money. We are coming out with series of seminars on real estate laws to improve knowledge of our brokers."

He adds "We are focusing on prime properties now but in the next few years we will expand metro-wide, mega manila wide so we enjoin partner brokers to join us now. We do not also do multiple listings so in a way we also protect consumers and brokers, we build relationships, properly document everything. If a broker already posted the property, you won’t have competition. Right now we have client services so we call and verify each property and we treat each case differently, it’s a lead generating platform that has a brokerage arm, it’s why we’re different. We are now live at and we are concentrating in properties in Makati, BGC and Alabang. We’re mostly a brokerage firm but have trust based systems, we meet them face to face and you’ll see people in every property managed. You will find us ranking high in searches, and we have closed deals.

Partner Broker Jeffrey Sanchez testifies “It only takes a few minutes to list a property and you can expect verification and calls in like 2-3 days because Hoppler has a lot of clients. If we close deals our share is 50/50 with Hoppler but it’s very easy. I prefer going to the website more than the app but if I need to do minor edits it’s also easy to make changes. With Hoppler I don’t have to make an effort because they already have a lot of active users, leads are easy, even more if it’s a prime property. With hard work and a vision, it will complement what you are currently doing right now with what existing real estate business you have. Here you have leads and qualified clients and brokers even share their success stories, you learn a lot talking and meeting people with different backgrounds, but they know they can trust people in the site because of the safety measures they’ve set in every transaction.

Follow their Facebook page HopplerPH if you want to know more. This would apply to licensed and non licensed brokers. It’s an open invitation for everyone who wants to earn more. Remember, with Hoppler you can list properties with exclusivity, receive quality and qualified leads. You can also have access to their Kumita dashboard and join exclusive training and events, where else can you have that?

I thought so.

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