Sofia Andres, Sylvia Sanchez and Diego Loyzaga for Mama's Girl

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Had lunch with some of the stars of Regal Film's latest movie called Mama's Girl starring Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga and Jameson Blake. They'll also be with premier actress Sylvia Sanchez who'll be leading them into a story of love, and one of the most endearing people in our family, our mothers.

Ms. Roselle Monteverde calls this a movie that inspires, to embrace change so it would bridge the gap between millennials and slightly, older generation. Ms. Sylvia says "If you saw how vulnerable I am in The Greatest Love, you'll see a different Mom here because she's a fighter and you'll see how she gets to accept her child's journey in life. She will also be telling you a story that would question the status of your own family, I consider this a big blessing!"

Sofia Andres on the other hand says "I relate a lot to Abby because she's mirroring our lives when we've become more adventurous as we should and don't even think about how it will affect our parent's lives. It will also discuss life lessons, and you'll learn how she'll fall in love with Nico and Zak in the movie."

The film will also star Yana Asistio, Heaven Peralejo, Karen Reyes, Arlene Mulach, Allan Paule, Alora Sasam and a lot more. This is Regal Film's inspirational drama offering this January 17 on theaters nationwide and is directed by Connie Macatuno. For updates make sure to like the page on FB RegalEntertainmentInc, RegalFilms on Twitter, RegalFilms50 on IG and RegalCinema on Youtube.

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