Artists, SB19, Daniel Padilla Welcome Pepsi Queen Kathryn Bernardo

Sunday, February 16, 2020

I arrived quite a bit late but I had to be here because of SB19 and teen King and Queen Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. This is a Pepsi event which means the young lady (Kathryn) is switching brands and she couldn't do it for a long time because she was tied up with the red brand. Understandably, she's been so supportive of Daniel's endeavors and it wouldn't be surprising to see her do so especially as this directly identifies Daniel as the current King of Pepsi. Tons of artists like Mimiyuuuh, Matthaios, Ricci Rivero were also there but I kinda was late and only found them at the side of the stage. I got comfy in the front and started expecting pandemonium to happen especially because of the artists I mentioned earlier. I told those seated beside me to take extra precaution because SB19 was up next, and there was considerably high amount of ATIN (their fan group) in attendance. I have been to one event a couple months ago and they’re really loud! I expected that!

Matthaios sang the song Catriona which is severely popular nowadays with millennials. They sang along with the guy like a concert scene, I could pretty much feel the crowd breathing, no joke! 

Then of course, I warned them it would be very loud... SB19 came out and obliged the crowd to sing their latest single ALAB and of course my personal favorite, GO UP! When they started dancing on stage, the press people who initially didn't know them, became fans in minutes. Honestly, I've been watching their YouTube videos and they're crazy when they rehearse. So it wasn't really a surprise to me that they were THAT GOOD at the Pepsi event.

I took photos of the ATIN Pinuno. Sejun is pretty much the spokesperson of the group, he gamely answered questions by the hosts after their number.

The press was impressed! Me too!

After the SB19 guys went backstage, we waited a bit for the piece de resistance of this event. People were of course screaming for KathNiel, so the teen King himself came out of center stage and sang a few songs. Daniel is a crooner, rocker, all rolled into one! I wouldn't blame them, this guy is so down to earth, always so nice whenever I get the chance to talk to him. 

He was so cute when he asked the hosts to actually be the one to introduce his queen. Awww... just look at these two on stage and you're gonna be swooned by their sweetness. Kathryn also sang a few songs.

Daniel and Kathryn kept it so fun for the crowd, no frills, and Daniel looked at Kathryn like a hungry lover would do for his queen.

Officially, she is now the new Pepsi Queen and together with Pepsi King Daniel, this will be one kingdom easy to rule!

Pepsi also had booths at the venue where secretly, they got people to taste the product. Of course, they got a lot of people who turn out to be lovers of the brand, almost 70 percent prefer it over the other one.

I'd like to take this bit to say THANK YOU to Pepsi for having us experience this all in Trinoma. I got to also personally give Daniel something he liked when I did a one on one a couple months back. He was happy, and that meant a lot. Congratulations on having Kathryn beside your throne, truly you are the King and Queen of Pepsi!


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