Spend Date Night at MEATSUMO Premium

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

It's almost Valentine's Day and what better way to treat your man or woman but to a sumptuous feast at MEATSUMO Premium. This is part of the Meatsumo group but elevated quite a bit so they serve some "premium" side dishes and meat. For now, they are in the works to include a lot of things on the menu. They are currently offering this for Php 549 which means you can have all their current 11 pork and beef varieties plus around 20 side dishes for that price. Honestly, that amount is cheap for a Yakiniku place, and what I like about this joint is that it's a little bit tucked away in Panay Avenue (Roces-Pantranco area) so it's a little intimate rather than those jam packed joints in Morato (not that I'm dissing but those lines are OA). 

The place is pretty big, it can sit around 30-40 people. Some bunk chairs and stools on the table could really accommodate groups and families, but I've seen pairs in this joint too. Yakiniku means grilled meat, which pretty much sums what is served in this place. They have simple marinated meats, but if you dig a different kind they have sauces which you can dip after you got your beef grilled.

They use this contraption to cook the meat, make sure you point the tube near the flame so you won't be smelling like barbecued pork after spending hours here. Their Banchan (side dishes) impressed me with their variety.

I specifically would suggest you get more room for the Kimchi, Tempura, Sweet-Spicy Fried Anchovies, Steamed Egg (which you should season), and the super good Temaki which they make fresh when you order. Like usual Samgyupsal places they have lettuce so you don't forget your veggies when dining here. Several celebrities have already enjoyed the food in MeatSUMO Premium, I could tell you but I was swore to secrecy (check their FB and IG). 

To end the meal they also serve Cheese/Vanilla Ice Cream. You get everything for the Php 549 bill, for me it's totally worth every penny.

Meats include Pork Galbi, Pork Yakiniku, Spicy Pork Yakiniku, Pork Gochujang and Plain Pork. They also have Beef Yakiniku, Peppered Beef, Beef Gochujang, Beef Bulgogi (which is my personal favorite), Spicy Beef Yakiniku and Plain Beef.

Saw good looking singer and Viva artist Jem Cubil across the table. We joked about how it felt it was his birthday that evening LOL!

So if you're around the QC area and want a fabulous feast for your man or woman, consider MeatSUMO Premium for the lovely meats and side dishes they offer. They are located at 23 Panay Avenue in Quezon City. You can find them on Google Maps so just search MeatSUMO Premium. It's at the same building as Mandarin Sky Wok and sits at the back of it (Ground Floor). Oh before I forget, they also have unlimited Iced Tea (so you really have nothing to lose, this is a great deal!).

Please, do yourself and your loved one a favor by trying MeatSUMO Premium for Lunch/Dinner. Follow them on FB and IG @meatsumopanay because they've got shots that would make your mouth water. Don't say I didn't warn you! 


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