Matteo Guidicelli Talks About Accessible, Affordable Investments #MakeItMutual

Sunday, February 02, 2020

I have been in the Mutual Funds game since I was in college and yes, I am already reaping some of the benefits of it now. Back then, it was really complicated and I had to really be patient because it takes a lot of time, effort (especially the bank visits) before actually confirming what I needed to invest. I also had snail mail for updates about it, so imagine how worried I was being an aggressive investor. These days, there are now financial advisors who can make your goals achievable. When stocks, bonds and the money market seem so confusing and complicated, asset managers are a good way to do it so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand it all. If you’re a conservative, balanced or aggressive type of investor, your fund managers can make it easier for you to understand things, and help you earn more with the risk you’re taking. I always do the aggressive route especially if I trust the company I put my money in. More so than often, I use the money I could burn so I do it habitually without worrying about anything. Markets go up and down, and that entails a lot of courage to face. Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) has already helped a lot of people, and this is good news.

Ms. Valerie Pama the President of Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. says “There are more Filipinos investing and it is a vast improvement 20 years ago when we were starting out. Last year, we continued to introduce to Filipinos the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Fund, Sun Life Prosperiy Card, SLAMCI online. Now, we have 83 Billion Assets Under Management. We got the World Voyager, Dollar Advantage and Dollar Abundance Fund are in double digit returns for 2019. Our efforts have been recognized at the Philippine Investment Fund Awards (PIFAA) and we are ready to partner with Filipinos in the coming years. There are scams out there, people who are not aware get to be wooed by them. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. You should know if they have offices, registered with SEC, are they honest? You have to go with someone reputable before you part with your money.”

#MakeItMutual Season 2

Ms. Mylene Lopa their Chief Marketing and Client Officer says “We had very encouraging results two years ago and we see market potential with mutual funds. Relative to amount in time deposits, the growth of mutual funds is increasing. We are opening the minds of a lot of Filipinos. Millennials are a third of our investors while 47% are Gen X. There is a lot of us to do. Sun Life has been doing this since 2009 and we conduct research on financial challenges. Pinoys cannot still provide for everyday expenses, emergencies and extra money and we are here to help them prepare for their future. There is hope, as we are here for the long haul. We will keep introducing initiatives so new generation and middle class can get a democratized investment landscape. It would have not been possible to reach millions of Filipinos without digital media. We want to be their partner in prosperity so we’re launching #MakeItMutualSeason2. We are so lucky to have the help of Matteo Guidicelli.” 

She adds “You can now do it yourself with our new digital platforms. A selfie, online documents filled up can immediately get you to invest with our fund managers. Your investment goals should be tied up with your life goals, whether you’re married or paying for your kids tuition fee, you need to know where your money goes and volatility/market corrections and see it as an opportunity to buy when it dips and sell to earn in the future. The funds are managed by experts in the field. Now that the values are cheap, our financial growth are 6-7%, clients who want to diversify can now invest because the timing is right. Sun Life is making that available to our clients.” 

Mr. Gerald Bautista, Agency Bank and Alternative Channels Head adds “We are also launching tools to avail our product. We have an online quiz to know your mentality. Auto invest which takes part of your salary automatically and invest it. Investment online which you can now access on our website. We hope you can share this good news to everyone.” 

Our boy Matteo Guidicelli shares “My goals have changed as I start to prepare to have a family. Back then my only guide was my Dad and he’s good but when I started with Sun Life, I got to broaden my portfolio and invested in other industries. Not just real estate, they know my risk profile and can invest as low as 1K. I am very thankful, my financial goals are achieved with Sun Life. It’s nice to be in a stage of my life where it is very important, of you want to do it, don’t do it if it is too late.” 

For those of you who would want to take the step, go ahead and visit to get started. Simply click on your desired mutual fund, proceed and click the “BUY NOW” button then accomplish the online application form. You just have to settle payment through preferred channels and that's it! You're ready to go! Here’s Matteo out with the first episode, enjoy! 

This is SLAMCI’s 20th glorious year in the business and with experience, they present a very remarkable growth to prove how effective it is investing in mutual funds, bonds and other services in their folio. They have their Financial Advisors to also help, all you have to do is ask. 


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