Prima Donnas To Show More Twists on GMA Afternoon Prime

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Top Rating Prima Donnas has extended their watching hours til Saturdays and with the recent success of the show, these ladies are excited to share what will happen with the story. Yes, there will be more twists and turns that are bound to affect you during afternoons, because there will be more!

Elijah Alejo plays Brianna, the villainess in the show. She says “We are doing this to inspire people. Our faith with God and the good things we have done with Direk Gina. There might be more characters in the coming weeks and who knows, we might have new love interests. Brianna will be more greedy, there will be more hospital scenes and fights you will see on screen.”

Althea Ablan adds “We have veterans from the competing show, but we did good despite that. James Blanco just came in the picture and it will be something people will look forward to. We do talk about boys, and if ever I got to choose, I would like to work with Miguel Tanfelix.”

Sofia Pablo says “When we learned that it will only be two weeks before they leave, it didn’t matter to us but we definitely made it as a challenge. I remember the scenes I did with Brianna, slapped her hard. Who knows, those memes about Encantadia might happen, if given a chance it would be fun to do that or any role for that matter.”

Jillian Ward “We have a solid story, it is important to learn and inspire, Mondays to Saturdays is such a long time to entertain people and we have to be more creative, which we are very confident about. Work is work, even if we do hurt each other in scenes we know before and after the scene we have to check. Every time we slap each other the ratings go high. That fruit salad scene is unforgettable, it stuck on my hair for a while.”

Thanks Mara Wrigley for the chocolates! Rinoa Essential Oil and Vitamilk for the stuff. You will catch Prima Donnas Monday to Saturday at 2:30pm.


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