UNIQLO Outs 2020 Jeans and EZY 2 Way Stretch Ankle Pants

Thursday, February 13, 2020

The new UNIQLO 2020 Jeans and EZY Ankle Pants are all up to be available at nearby Uniqlo branches. I’ve been waiting to see what lengths they have done with the Uniqlo Jeans line as they’ve promised a more sustainable way of producing them a couple of years back. The goal was to start it in 2020 and I think they’re making headway as production of stone washed items and laser technology rolled out for distressed textile. 

With that, folks at Uniqlo had us preview UNIQLO 2020 Jeans and the EZY Ankle Pants via styling sessions with Pam Quinones and Bea Constantino. The Uniqlo flagship store over at Glorietta 5 was turned into a showcase of their Spring Summer pieces. 

Cheska Legata says “Uniqlo is crafted for everyone. Pam and Bea will be styling a few people today. We will have a preview of our modern UNIQLO Jeans and the EZY pants can stretch horizontally and vertically.”

Bea says “When you are in the creative field you have to be comfortable, you need to move around, belted or pleated as they are very flattering. Uniqlo also has innovated the jeans, it’s tapered, very chic even on men. The EZY Jeans hold the sweat but is breathable, you can go to Poblacion and out. We also like the parkas, easy and lightweight. You can be casual, but still classy. You can wear em for different occasions.”

Pam says “There are rules but we always can break them. Nice shirts that have no lining can be paired with jackets and pants which you can still wear in this weather. There are so many ways to switch from corporate to party wear, pull up a sleeve, unbutton a shirt, change shoes and you can go from work to twerk in a jiffy. I usually bring 2-3 pairs of shoes in the office. Removing blazers and use accessories, necklaces, wear a bright lip, it changes your look.”

Go check out the pieces at your nearest Uniqlo stores because they’re quite nice even in the PH weather. 


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