Ronnie, Loisa and Donny for James, Pat and Dave

Thursday, February 13, 2020

They were lauded about their film and yes, it's still showing. It's the sequel to Vince, Kat and James called James Pat and Dave. Maybe it's high time you watch it on Valentine's day.

They liken these to the classic romcom and yes, it's very millennial character wise. You learn about hope, love, moving on and keeping it. During the presscon, Loisa Andallo cried because she felt so overwhelmed about the praises she got from people and the management. For her to be chosen for this project alone shocked her because she was spotted doing a project in Hospicio De San Jose by Olivia Lamasan. It got very personal. The three also got to do several things that are more matured (which we will not divulge so as not to spoil it). 

It's a dark horse but it feels they are succeeding  Make sure you watch it on cinemas today!


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