Bianca Umali, Inigo Pascual, and Enzo Pineda for World Vision’s “Hope Town”

Sunday, February 02, 2020

World Vision has been helping kids, their homes and the community for years now. For non sponsors like me, you must be clueless about what they are doing especially if it comes to sponsoring a child through their organization. A few days ago, we got the chance to see it ourselves through a mock child house they call Hope Town wherein they replicated a real life house of beneficiary child called Nica. She lives in a shanty in the ourskirts, off the shores of Cebu.

Their house has a small kitchen, a place to sleep, and a little garden outside their sort of 2x3 meter house (merely a box). I felt claustrophobic and saw how they could have survived in a place that small without that much money to fend for food or schooling. I guess that’s exactly the type of kids that World Vision is helping, and this is nice to understand how it looks like in real life. If you sponsor a child, it would help them get access to education so they can help themselves, so they could work and go have better jobs and help their families. Celebrities like Bianca Umali, Inigo Pascual, and Enzo Pineda joined in and saw the launch of World Vision’s experiential booth. In “Hope Town”, they got to attract a lot of people to join in and understand a bit more about their advocacy, of course it got crowded so fast and people learned about the plight of Nica.

World Vision and their programs a very effective. It gives chance to kids like Nica to excel at school, to eventually have her own success story just like several people who lead the organization too. A lot of them have already graduated, feels like a family as they also get in touch with their donors to personally say thanks about helping them. That is so touching. The Hope Town display is just at the top floor of Trinoma in front of Krispy Kreme, go visit it and perhaps, make it your turn to help a person who would like to go to school like Nica. 


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