iWANT: Julia Barretto and Toni Labrusca in I AM U

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

iWant just came out with a very compelling trailer for the new iWant Original story called I AM U. It stars Julia Barretto, who consequently finds her doppleganger and makes her a part of her life. Unfortunately, her character got a little jealous and made the mistake of actually killing her in a truth or dare supposed game. The good thing is, will come out this February 26 on the iWant app which is free to download on Google Play and the App Store.

Julia says "I had to switch characters, it was damaged hair when I got home. I practice lines and do Elise shots and dual shots. It was efficient. In some series I watch I learned much of the doppelgangers and I enjoyed it as much. Elise is well off, she wears the best things, bags, outfits while Rose is simple, very dressed down and she just enjoyed the way they look. The way they talk, the way they talk to other people are different. It is interesting."

Tony adds "I watched Split and I'm a fan of science fiction and thrillers, this was a joy to do with Julia. Kyle is straightforward, he just does so many things because he was intimate with the characters. They ask us if we are comfortable with the scene, even require things but I didn't want to break boundaries."

There's a lot more where that's coming from, go watch it on iWant starting Wednesday. 


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