Marian Rivera for TADHANA 2020

Monday, February 03, 2020

Bigger, broader catered to an even wider audience, that’s what they want to do this 2020. Marian Rivera talked to us this afternoon and yes, she got us personal stories about her show TADHANA. 

Marian says “I learned to not be judgmental because you think these things do not happen in real life, but they do. I always talk with them all throughout the creative process. I get to really know their lives, tell them especially to the OFW’s who are our prime audience. I get to spend time with the crew and they understand my priorities which is my family. My business is also doing good because I import vases now from different parts of the country like the marble ones from Romblon, and now I have some native containers from Mindanao so I could help the communities there. Don't worry about my earnings because most of these proceeds will go to their small villages or foundations I help. We now will also feature other stories from the Philippines so it’s going to be bigger, this is for everybody.” 

Here’s the queen of primetime on video: 

This airs every Saturday 3:15PM so take that afternoon break for Marian Rivera! 


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