Red Carpet Photos + Review of US AGAIN

Friday, February 28, 2020

It was a nice evening to see stars and watch much talked about US AGAIN, the film starred by Jane Oineza and RK Bagatsing. This is one of Jane's biggest break as lead actress and her character isn't easy to do because one twist in the end would spell spoil to the whole movie. Jane's fans would find her a little more mature than usual, as she delves on relationships, liking a guy for appearance amidst existing ones, destroying friendships. It made her reflect because of the norms of society, of what is right, and made her choose what her heart desires. She prayed for a man in her life and she got it, this all happened inside churches which we all know our friends do.

Although it was a little predictable story wise, you will still feel for the character of Jane and RK. The twist shouldn't be told as it will spoil it all. That particular reason would destroy you, it did that to Jane's character a bit but as with all movies, it will end in a nice note. You kinda hope and pray it does with what they went through. You're bound to root for them, for the wrong or right reasons. Is it a good watch? I guess so, more so if you are a fan of Jane. She's shining her own star (like the hard work she does) and you can see how she carries herself in her movie roles, you can expect her good portrayal here than her other movies. Regal is her boat and she's sailing. RK also didn't look awkward even if he looked (shall I say) slightly older than Jane, that got blurred right from the start.

Anyway, here are shots from the red carpet, enjoy!

Make sure you watch US AGAIN as it has officially started showing on theaters yesterday. Do it for the story, do it for Jane Oineza.


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