ALEXA ILACAD, KD ESTRADA, Ensemble Cast Tells Story of HOPE, LOVE in Funny Musical "Walang Aray"

Friday, February 17, 2023

When word got out that Star Magic artists Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada was venturing into theater, I was so happy to see them spreading their wings to try something different. Even with years of experience on workshops, TV and Movies, this was no ordinary feat as it is unfamiliar territory. The stage certainly asks for a different skill set especially for a new material like "WALANG ARAY!". 

 I watched with gusto last February 14th. It was a special screening on Valentine's day. PETA has certainly done a lot of hit shows in this joint but the pandemic has really made the facility go through hardships since they couldn't do a show. It was a proper comeback, an all original musical which tells the lives and love story of Tenyong and Julia. Alexa already had a solo number in the first few minutes which required powerful vocals from the Kapamilya actress, by any standards, she really did good. Theater requires a bit of strength, over acting, exaggeration so the people in the back experience the same show as with the people in the front. They exhausted establishing who she was, and their relationship. If I may, KD Estrada felt a little like a diesel engine that started to warm up. There are serious talk, but all of it was executed it with good comedic timing.

 The play was based off "Walang Sugat" a Severino Reyes sarsuela told in a modern and funny way so it does strap itself to tell the revolutionary story and see to it that current, modern day comedy in a Filipino setting take the spotlight. Entertaining is an understatement, because you'll be surprised about the small quirks they inserted in each scene. The play takes a little over 2 hours to do but they made sure it wouldn't get boring in each scene. Much of the ensemble cast had their own time to shine, from their parents, the Friars, the other man, the house help, the fan girls, they got to play along with the audience without veering off the romantic angle they all needed to tell. Alexa took this by the neck and made the show hers. I've never felt so proud to see how she's become. She completely changed imho, and having this as part of her repertoire just screams she can do more. KD on the other hand used his charm much of his time in the musical, so try not to fall in love with him while he's in separate acts.


 For the KDLex fans there (much like me) that I've spent hours updating on Twitter, there's certainly more content I've left out on the platform so you could have your moment to enjoy in the show starting today. There's a reason why there's a sold out crowd here.


 If you haven't bought a ticket yet, you may get them via and see how it's funny, love story would make you agree it's fine to fall in love. Make sure you take the trip to Quezon City and watch PETA's Walang Aray on it's last few dates. This is directed by Ian Segarra and music is by Vince Lim, The fun choreography is also done by Gio Gahol, which he made really fun and interactive. KDLex will be appearing on 8PM shows on Feb.17-18, 24-25, Mar. 4, April 14-16, 21-23 and April 28. They have alternates Gio Gahol and Marynor Madamesila doing the other dates, both seasoned theater actors that can do justice to Tenyong and Julia's role.



This would be a dream for any KDLex fan, go watch it for them, and the love story they will tell.


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