Does Bianca Manalo Deserve the Title?

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

ooks like show business talk has been really rough about beauty queen and actress Bianca Manalo. According to several articles, she has been tagged as a "Politician Hunter" because of the interesting people she was seen allegedly involved with. This "allegedly" includes Jonathan Tan of Antique, and recently seen Senator Sherwin Gatchalian.

She was first crowned in 2009 and did the Miss Universe pageant on the same year. She did several TV shows and movies, her colorful though has been the topic of local flock of "marites" and showbiz write-ups.  

Local TV News reports also covered a boat accident which included her, the Antique Mayor and Ehra Madrigal. This started a lot of talk about them in articles, entertainment TV news and social media, much of which includes their supposed connection. A few months/year after, Bianca and Senator Win Gatchalian were pretty much public. They already had very colorful showbiz-politics connections even before that. With all these, does it warrant the title?

Let's see... if the plot thickens!


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