Kiana Takes the Spotlight

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

It must have been very hard being in Kiana's shoes. An artist born under Gary Valenciano's shadow, she admits struggling to find one's identity. She then moved to the US and found tremendous growth career wise.

Recently, she won Female RnB artist of the Year at the Philippine Movie Press Club Star Awards for Music for her single Corners. It wasn't something they were expecting, but very honored to be considered for the feat.

She says "I woke up one day and saw announcements and tons of people congratulating us. For context, we never had any plans for the song but just put it there because I loved it. The nomination and award was unexpected, really appreciate it!"

The song "Corners" is about that certain feeling of knowing that there's someone out there thinking of you. She didn't know where to take her music initially and didn't want to get carried with Dad's last name, she learned a lot in the process.

Now she's got a 5 track EP well praised by critics and got her the chance to do SXSW Festival in Austin TX. It was something she enjoyed performing in, and where she met a lot of other artists.

She currently has unreleased songs and can't wait to share it on the world stage. She's just starting and very excited about what other things she could do in the next few years.


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