How Does It Feel to "Live Like a Panda!"?

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Took time off the weekend and headed to a foodpanda event as they introduce to us a new campaign to encourage people like YOU to #LiveLikeAPanda. It's for the ones who have PAUssion for winning, who loves a challenge and things that matter to us.

Foodpanda PH's E-Commerce Lead Roj Tirona says "Today we will know how it is to Play Like a Panda. It's not with bamboos, or lounging around the whole day, but just taking time to those that matter to us, more of experience. We want consumers to know the things that matter to them, like food, groceries, things that make life enjoyable. Hopefully, once you play like a panda, you're gonna discover your passions much like Paupau in Foodpanda."

To start off, we got ourselves a few lanes and played bowling for a few hours. Some people started slow, but have played and got the groove after a few minutes. I played a few games and won tickets to trade for plushies, all in all, it was so much fun! When we got hungry, a simple order via foodpanda came in handy. Got myself a few ice cream halo-halo and much loved chow for family.

I think living like a panda seems easy for me. If it's bowling, arcade games, food, doing what matters to us, is what I've been doing in the last few years. panda has been a symbol for them, it's special because they eat whenever they want, sleep, and don't really care, they have inner peace by default and it's what they strive for in every customer. To have that freedom, to have the perks, pandas can inspire us to live a little. Pretty good thing no? 

Oh and before I forget, they plan to actually have a few merch issued in the Philippines within the year. From plushies, to pillows, to mugs and different paraphernalia, loyal foodpanda customers will soon get their hands on them for sure!

For now, we have time to become more enthusiastic in things that we do. Being a panda ain't that bad after all. Take time to do what matters to YOU most!


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