See "LOVE FUN TAIWAN" on CNN Philippines

Sunday, February 05, 2023

Looks like Taiwan is making great efforts to put a spotlight on their other attractions aside from the usual fare as our very own Rovilson Fernandez and Valerie Tan join hosts from other countries (Thailand and India) to enjoy the sights and culture in a new lifestyle show called "Love Fun Taiwan". 

In it, they take you to The Zhentou, hot springs, a place where you could do fishing, a little competitive archery, fun puppets, and even whale watching which they deem are must see sights this 2023.

For Thailand, Yepun Thanajirachai takes a look at the local fashion scene, their cultural traditions and innovations in the industry. For India, Bollywood actress Pooja Bhamrrha will show you why you should also take interest with Taiwan and it's people. Since it's been a while since restrictions have been lifted in different countries, Taiwan should be part of your must see countries if you want to escape from the stresses of life. 

Love Fun Taiwan will also tell you about its strong historical heritage with narratives done by award winning producer Michelle Lee. You'll see outstanding cinematography and musical score from industry great Huang Shao Yong promising an audio and visual feast in the show. This is the handy work of 4 networks Zee TV of India, Thailand TV and CNN Philippines. It will premiere in TaiwanPlus (a streaming platform) on February 4th so you better be glued to your mobile and streaming devices. In the Philippines, you can watch on CNN Philippines on Sunday at 7pm with replays on Tuesdays at 4:30pm. Check for more details about the show.


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