More Celebrities, Food, Destinations on the Second Year of FARM TO TABLE

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Chef JR ROYOL is steadily becoming a household name in the Philippines through his show "Farm to Table". They are currently celebrating their 2nd year and yes, there are going to be a few changes especially with the way they do the show. 

The confident man who hails from Mountain Province talked to us more about what's going to happen in the next few weeks as they come out with more content from different locations. Farm to Table will visit his Mom's hometown of Barlig in this week's episode. This will start on Sunday at 6:50PM. 


He says "Thank you for celebrating our 2nd Farmniversary with us, we are excited to share with you good news about the show. Definitely it's going to be a consistent cooking element, we are going to expand our reach, the places that we plan to go to will have us explore and discover more people week after week. I would hope we can do that in the next few episodes, so we can tell more stories and food adventures too. It's totally a collaborative effort to focus on food we do. We don't limit ourselves with a particular cuisine and always integrate local ingredients that we have in the country and tell the stories about them. We want to start this year with a bang, so this weekend we will have BEA ALONZO as our guest. We will also be having TikTok personalities and other chefs that will also be in the show. As far as guests, we have a lot of stars coming in the next food adventures!"

He is so thankful about the show and adds "The show was able to make me work with very dynamic people, we are not boxed up and the different locations gives us a chance to work with a lot of talented individuals. We also get to create different dishes with not so common produce, we usually encounter them in the local markets and the locals tell us how to cook it."

He wants to introduce a dish internationally and says "Pinikpikan is the number one dish that should be introduced to the world. It's easy, the method can be taught, and I could eat it everyday. If there's anything, it's number one for me because there's nothing like it. You could also see it in other cultures but the process is innately ours alone."

He remarks "I wish the show would last for years, this show could be done til we're sixty, but more than that, to our viewers I hope you watch it every week. We do it purely that this comes from our heart, and I hope our viewers appreciate how we do Farm to Table."

There's certainly more to look forward to in the next few episodes, so if you are into food adventures, get Chef JR ROYOL to take you along different places in the Philippines and see how colorful our food culture is. This show airs Sundays on GTV and their other online channels.


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