JILLIAN WARD Celebrates 18th Birthday

Monday, February 27, 2023

Did you ever imagine that Jillian Ward would become like this? The Kapuso star, vlogger, actress just turned 18 this February 23 and we participated in her debut last February 25 at the COVE in Okada Manila. Jillian's family, celebrity friends, and people who have been part of Jillian's showbiz journey were invited, almost 700 people, as she wished for them to have a good time during this event. This is her way of thanking everyone, in a not so formal uptight way, and certainly, we were all just at awe at how Jillian is blossoming into the fine woman she is now.

Do you remember Trudis Liit? Her child star days must have stuck into people's minds, but recently she did really good reprising the role of Analyn in hit show "Abot Kamay Na Pangarap". Her fellow cast members were all in attendance and some became part of the program too. Here's a few of the scenes that happened during Jillian's 18th Birthday Celebration!

Thank you so much to Sparkle, to Jillian's Mom, her Dad and Jillian for having us on her special day! We really had so much fun! Congratulations on your upcoming shows, and perhaps appearances in noontime shows because she really did good in singing and dancing during this event. She rightfully deserves to showcase that to an even newer audience! 

Sanya Lopez was there!

Yen and Chuckie Dreyfus
GMA's Senior handlers and News personalities, all personal friends of Jillian

18 Shots, showbiz and non showbiz friends of Jillian gave her a toast!

Jillian also took time to thank everyone who came to the occasion.

Happy birthday Jillian! Hope this is the start of something big for you!


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