Hear, See and Feel The Male Perspective on D**kTalk

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

There are surely a lot of talk about this particular original theater piece by Edwin Vinarao and Christian Clemente called D***kTalk. You can say it's a little more like V****a Monologues but for the male form. This is written by Benj Cruz, Ara Vicencio and is still in the script development stages but they gave us early access, not to tease, but just to get a little taste of it.

Edgardo Boy Vinerao says "It's something I was excited about, this is our dream project. This is out of the box, and we meant it because this is talking about it, d***s. It's pretty taboo here, but there are so many good things to talk about, and understand. You'll be hearing voices of it, just like each and the rest of us. Parts of the line they do mirror real life. They are just one powerful cast. Hope to see you at the RCBC theater when shows start in April.

Direk Phil Noble adds "This is our first time to showcase the elements and text of our actors, and how their characters evolve. The questions of manhood, machismo, how big the body is, or how huge their d*** is. This play wants to spark talk on perspective of one's manhood, on what he goes through just like women. The thing is like the heart, we need to take care of it. It will be heard repeatedly until it becomes organic."

Yes, the talk delves more into measuring one's manhood. Filipino terms for it actually sound more vulgar but they went ahead and introduced it to the audience, to later, have it feel more normal and start a little discourse about it especially amongst adults which the performance wants to reach.  There will be no mansplaining,or maybe a little, and a few instances of talking about IT and how it differs in every generation. 

Jake Cuenca plays Peter, Mikoy Morales is Cecile, Nil Nodalo plays Rob, Gold Aceron is Junjun and Archi Adamos plays Doodz. They're in different stages in their lives, one is using his for work, the other for proof of sexuality, the other is wondering why it's shaped oddly. Then another one gets depressed if it doesn't work as efficiently, then another proves you don't need one at all. It was just the tip of the... iceberg and they didn't even touch on some personal issues, in jest, in angst, or just plain letting it all out on stage. In a Philippine setting, talk about this would really be unsettling for some but somehow, it needs to be said, it needs to be done so they're just doing it. 

This would be really tough to pull for actors since it involves a lot of TALK. It's going to be doubly harder to also keep YOU interested in what they're saying, and make you feel uncomfortable at times, but still listen to their message (like putting their d*** on your ear) for entertainment, education or your own realization.


The 10 shows will be mounted at the huge RCBC Theater from April 15-23, 2023. This excerpt of D**kTalk already have had the press, showbuyers and theatre folks lead to the conversation, and there's even more they plan to do on the actual show. If you're a bit artsy and don't mind a little discomfort on the tĂȘte a tĂȘte you'll have with the cast, get your tickets via ticketworld.com.ph and see what nice things you should hear, see and feel at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium starting on April 15th.

Whether you are a man, woman, LGBTQIA++, as long as you are 18 and above, you be sure to connect with one or more of the characters and make the premise of talking about the d***s (or maybe show it if they feel like it) as casually as they can on the day of the show. This is produced by V-Roll Media Ventures.


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