CARMELO ANTHONY in Manila for FIBA World Cup Qualifiers

Friday, February 24, 2023

Stepped into the BIG DOME this afternoon to see who's going to be the newest FIBA world cup ambassador and if your hunch is right, it's no other than basketball star and legendary Carmelo Anthony. The US team Gold Medalist is in Manila today to say hi to Filipino fans and watch a few games at the Philippine Arena as the qualifiers will happen in the country, Jakarta and Tokyo.


Melo (as his biggest fans call him) will also be with fellow FIBA World Cup ambassadors Pau Gasol of Spain and Argentina's Luis Scola to promote the game worldwide as these start in these three cities so there's definitely a lot of things to look forward to. Olympic medalists, regional kings from different countries gather in this top league where only the best of the best play for pride, honor and the coveted Naismith trophy.

The Philippine and international media was also able to ask questions about his role in FIBA. Aside from promoting the league, he get to visit and connect with the people of the country. The conversation went to a little talk about the fans in the Philippines and also a little advise to the Gilas Pilipinas team. He also got his own jersey to keep and gave encouragement to those who wish to become the best in the world. Here's the Q and A we did with him earlier:

For those who also joined in the fun match between Gilas Pilipinas and Jordan today at the Philippine Arena, Carmelo Anthony is going to watch in the sidelines to support basketball, and all the countries that are part of the FIBA World Cup. He's very eloquent, also lauded the "PUSO" tagline and was super eager to encourage the young fans to believe in their dreams, and make it happen!


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