Brittany Builds in Sta. Rosa: For That English Country Feel

Monday, February 27, 2023

Something that I definitely would adore is living in the English countryside. I like the ambiance, the coziness, the shabby chic, some place that authentically mixes old and new. There definitely is something that home amidst the cold weather, or gloomy especially in the outskirts of London. Though we don't really have to travel there.

There's Brittany Sta. Rosa which they built with that exact theme in mind. It's in a sprawling 300 hectare property, tucked away in an enclave made by the folks at Brittany Corporation, the luxury arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes Incorporated. It's got the same allure, that rustic old world charm with the amenities of modern living.

Homes in Georgia Club and Augusta are placed amidst decade old trees, all in 300 to 500 square meter lots so you get ample space for living and nature. They also have parks which you can go and move around in, because why not, you deserve to live the life you deserve!

Georgia Club also has the feel of southern living, as it was a place likened to Georgia (the state). You'll see really good details, a wrap around porch, french windows and swings you can sit on hot afternoons, to have a place to enjoy warm biscuits and iced teas like they used to. Or choose to walk at the Peachtree Clubhouse or Daisy Park, have a picnic with family, friends at a beautiful English lookin landscape.

Augusta on the other hand sits on 15 hectares, at a very private and secure parcel of well designed gardens and lawns. A dream for some, but pretty true already in this place in Laguna. They also got amenities, much for sports, swimming, a court so you need not go elsewhere to have fun!

Brittany Sta. Rosa is also near Vista Mall Sta. Rosa, several plants, schools (universities), hospitals, offices, industrial parks, businesses so if you plan to work in the area, or build your own business, it's highly conducive for that!

For those who are into golf, nearby is a 27 hole course at Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club, imagine teeing off in the morning and working in the afternoons, that's a dream lifestyle!

SLEX and CALAx is also nearby so if you go to Tagaytay or Metro Manila, you can just skip right back home in Sta. Rosa because you're near with either one of them.

If you feel this is a match, head on to or their social channels by searching Brittany on the platforms. Homes like these are possible in the Philippines, I would check it out if I were you!


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