Friday, February 10, 2023

Ever felt curious about having yourself involved with 2 or more people? It's happening a lot these days and this is something what the movie WITHOUT YOU is tackling this coming February 15th. This project under heavily missed OCTOARTS FILMS stars man of the hour David Licauco and gorgeous actress Shaira Diaz.

This isn't the first time that the two are being paired as the ShaiVid love team started in a TV series a couple of years back and got immortalized in a 2019 movie made by famed director Joel Lamangan. It was about millennials and this time, they're discussing a very matured subject like OPEN RELATIONSHIPS. David Licauco recently had remarkable success playing Fidel in the hit show "Maria Clara at Ibarra" while Shaira Diaz also confirmed a Book 2 for "Lolong" where she plays Elsie Dominguez.

This entailed they had to also level up in the acting department because it wouldn't be easy to tell the story without being a sexy. This is the reason why even David's Mom didn't want him to take the project, but felt he had to make the decision so he could start taking on roles that could challenge him as an actor. Shaira on the other hand laughed a little as she was totally on board because she's already twenty something but still doing "pa-tweetums" roles on screen, she felt she needed to change her game now because obviously, this isn't a romantic comedy.


The two will also be joined by beauty queens Riana Pangindian (Miss World Philippines 1st Princess 2021) and Dindi Pajares (Miss Supranational Philippines 2021) who will both play a vital role in the lives of these two.

 Here's what happened during the press conference:

For those who want to see David Licauco and Shaira Diaz in a different light, WITHOUT YOU is certainly going to make you want more. Their pairing has been proven in the past already, and now that they have booming separate careers, wouldn't it be interesting to see them in a more matured state? This was made by Director RC Delos Reyes under OCTOARTS Films and will premiere in February 15. Make sure you support this if you love their recent roles on TV!


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