Brilliant Skin Essentials Set to Hold #PINAKAMAKINANG: THE BRILLIANT CONCERT 2023

Monday, February 06, 2023

Her name is Ms. Glenda, the CEO, girl boss and head honcho of popular beauty brand Brilliant Skin Essentials.

Albeit my first time seeing her in the flesh, I've heard of her handy work in social media and has created an empire off of beauty and skin care products that has catapulted her to success in just a short amount of time. 

The corporation has held concerts every year and was just halted because of the pandemic. She also admits they really prepared for this one which will happen on February 7th, 2023. This was something she really wanted to do after all the restrictions that happened in the last 3 years. 

When asked about the artists, she says she had a hand in choosing artists but credits her team and the show's director to put things together as she feels the need for the event to cater to different age groups, which makes total sense. Aside from that, some of the artists have schedule conflicts as it's the middle of the week, but she feels she's got the good ensemble made just in time for the big show. She felt the stars have aligned for "PINAKAMAKINANG" this coming Tuesday.

The artists set to perform in different acts on the #PINAKAMAKINANG The Brilliant Concert 2023 are Zeinab Harake, Andrea Brillantes, the band Kamikazee, artist Bamboo, Asia's Phoenix Morisette Amon, teen hearthrob Seth Fedelin, the bubbly Jillian Ward, the band Mayonnaise, my favorite singer Adie, the powerful belter JONA, broadcaster Korina Sanchez Roxas, Senator Raffy Tulfo, beauty queen Rabiya Mateo, DJ and host Sam YG and a multitude of drag queens just to name a few. Ms. Glenda also emphasized that this show isn't just for her, but for the thousands who have been instrumental in the success of their business. They also wanted the event to be in an even bigger venue (the Philippine Arena) but hinted that they didn't get to book the dates they needed. They already filled the Smart Araneta Coliseum in 2019 and now that they've had even more supporters, they might exceed the venue's capacity.

Ms. Glenda adds "2022 was certainly phenomenal for us as it was the year wherein we had the highest sales year on year. It has exponentially grown and made Brilliant Skin Essentials more popular as a brand. We're doing good as a business. I attribute my success from my inspiration, my Grandma. She always has been. Aside from that, we are thankful for all the dealers, distributors, sellers who have helped us become who we are today. They are the first one who trusted us and the reason why a lot of people know how effective our products are."

Brilliant Skin Essentials she says has already achieved phenomenal success. They are concentrating on expanding and diversifying their portfolio into other industries like the hospitality industry. She confirms opening a hotel in Malaysia after purchasing the building where their skin center was operating in the commonwealth state. They are keen in opening more businesses and not just in skincare per se. She says this has been the effect on opening the construction arm of her business, especially since she's a woman doing what men usually do. She just feels everything is falling into place.

As for the concert, I was surprised as our small chat divulged one of the numbers they will be doing which includes the good looking guy ALDEN RICHARDS having a duet with Ms. Glenda (maybe, maybe soon) so make sure you get there before gates close. Aside from Brilliant Skin Essentials products, they will be raffling off Yamaha Mio Motorcycles (10) and 2 brand new cars + more prizes when they feel like giving away more.

The company is also going to continue their CSR projects including scholarships, a planned foundation that will establish a "Children's Home" and perhaps a hospital soon. She's a little sad that some feel she doesn't do that but shrugs it off because they just don't publicize it. In hindsight, they really don't need to.

Ms. Glenda wants to in the near future to just take it easy, to have the business run smoothly with people she can trust so she doesn't have to bee too hands on and busy just like now. She, her Grandma and her whole family are thankful about the achievements and want to be an inspiration for those who have, like her, has gone through hardships of life and now enjoys the fruits of her hard work all these years.

If you're a part of their network, entrance is FREE. Follow their social channels for more information about the show.


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