SPARKLE Artists Shine in Different Movie Projects

Friday, February 17, 2023

Sparkle (formerly GMA Artist Center) had us all at the edge of our seats earlier during their first Sparkle Scene, their first event this February featuring their artists Luis Hontiveros, David Licauco, Shaira Diaz, Cassy Legaspi and Dave Bornea for the films Without You, Ako si Ninoy and Oras de Peligro. Aside from their current TV programs and appearances, they were able to finish these films during the pandemic, a very challenging time for cinema.

Without You is produced by Octoarts Films which showcases the complexities of being in an open relationship. David Licauco plays a DJ who falls in love with Shaira Diaz (a nurse) but gets themselves into something that had no labels, a pretty painful predicament for her in the end. Luis Hontiveros plays Shaira's bestie, closeted, but very supportive, tells a spade is a spade when her life turns to shambles because of what David's character wants. 

 Meanwhile, this musical "Ako Si Ninoy" will have Cassy Legaspi as part of its cast to tell the story of the 1986 revolution and how Ninoy Aquino brought change in the country. Dave Bornea will get to be in a 70's-80's Filipino revolutionary themed film called Oras de Peligro which will be directed by Joel Lamangan. Here's the press conference on video, thank you for the opportunity to ask questions about your projects!


Two things, I have new found respect for actor Luis Hontiveros. He was so smart, very eloquent answering questions. Aside from that, I've been following Shaira Diaz' career and I'm so happy that recent reviews about their movie had lauded her for her performance, drama certainly is her forte and it shows. The matured scenes was a little uncomfortable for them to actually watch, she and David Licauco chose to close their eyes inside the theater when the scenes came. You should all see why.

Meanwhile, the politically themed movies of Cassy Legaspi and Dave Bornea would surely be something different to experience. This is also Cassy's first foray to musicals and some of the scenes were sung live on set, it'll be pretty interesting. Dave on the other hand didn't want to put his hand on matters of politics, he did this to experience how to work with Direk Joel Lamangan which he says motivated him throughout the whole process.

Truly, Sparkle artists have gone into making really good movies.Aside from their successful shows (especially David Licauco), they have become a different kind of breed as individual artists. This surely will help them achieve more in their careers especially with GMA helping them reach it. Congratulations guys! <3


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