UNIQLO 2023 Spring/Summer LifeWear Collection

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Got to see the newest Uniqlo 2023 Spring/Summer LifeWear Collection a few days ago at Makati's Whitespace events place in Chino Roces. 

 For starters, they've managed to put in a lot of the clothes in color with very breathable material. As far as I know, Uniqlo has been working on that technology for years and it is really working for us in the severely tropical climate. Shirts, Shorts and Skirts, full on dresses are available for those who need pieces that work night and day. 

For those who are also working in airconditioned and cold offices, they've got several full on jackets and hoodies that are in hues of blue, purple, creams and whites (even a few denims) yet still dressed up so you don't have to worry about those formal meetings.

 About the clothing, they announced new tech in clothes that actually block UV rays. I mean, that's something absolutely amazing for people who adore the outdoors but didn't want to get skin problems right? Summer would surely be different, I'd love how that will develop in the near future.

The UT shirts have always been my favorite, but one of the artists that they featured were actually sick, I bought one of them right after the show (and consequently wearing it today!). I like the part where it says "Bless this mess!" or "I found the one my soul loves!", statement shirts and a few Andy Warhol inspired designs that would be so nice to wear during the season.


Aside from that, Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo were in the venue to show us the jackets, parkas, which Matteo loves. Sarah even wore a white number which I think is also from Uniqlo. For what it's worth, I really love the part where they are continuously working on technology that makes clothing environmentally friendly, have less footprint, and also benefit the larger populace.

I also like how they give us OPTIONS, something that most clothing brands regret to not do because of the sheer size of people who need to wear them. Congratulations Uniqlo!


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