5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Martial Arts Training

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I usually spend summer either just going out of town or reading books so I could prepare for what comes after. We spend a couple of months preparing that perfect summer physique but never really realize our goal because buffet restaurants abound and our will is weak - so we might as well enjoy the season and eat. Summer is just around the corner for some of us (in other parts of the world) and sometimes, you need that summer body fast. So you make a decision and tell yourself that you must lose X amount of pounds so you can fit into those favorite pair of jeans that's been sitting in your wardrobe for the past year. The thing is, you subconsciously hate the norm of the gym and running doesn't really get you excited either. Have you ever considered trying a form of martial arts? Perhaps you don't know much about it yet or never really been properly introduced to this niche of sport. I was able to actually practice elementary Wushu and it did wonders for me when I was a bit younger. Of course fitness plays a huge part in this training, but there are a lot more other benefits that can also improve your health and well-being. It’s incredibly easy to start and there are so many different arts to choose from, you’d be crazy not to at least try and see how it feels. You can see all the different fight styles at Martial Tribes but for now, let me explain 5 reasons why everyone should practice this particular sport.


I didn't have super powers and it took me quite a number of weeks to at least do a decent split of which I thought was nearly impossible when I started. After a few lessons you will start to feel more stretched and limber as martial arts will get you actively punching and kicking moving all limbs and muscles. Practicing martial arts will increase your flexibility and it will enhance your reach. Your kicks will become higher, your dodges more sharp which gives you overall advantage when you're fighting. The better your flexibility the better your posture will become resulting to less pains in the body as you age. Up until now, I could still do it with ease and never complained if back problems like those in my batch. It really has improved a lot and the stretching capability still impresses people my age. That's just one of the perks!


I always have enormous amount of energy and was even dubbed as an energizer bunny by my professors because I didn't really stop moving around when I was a bit younger. This was a really great place to put it in and learn self defense. Learning to jab, punch and kick for multiple times and switching up the order will test your memory and coordination. This is also a great way exercise so you could improve your focus and balance which can then be carried over into other activities of life. The more you train, your coordination will also increase your alertness and speed. You'll easily win sparring matches and impress those who are not into it yet. You can start to inspire people!

Self Defense

I was bullied a lot when I was a kid and not many other sports can give you protection like martial arts. Knowing how to defend yourself and others around you will give you a sense of relief that if ever in a sticky scenario, you would know what to do. The ability to defend oneself greatly improves self-confidence and self esteem.

Wing Chun teaches you how to fight an opponent that is bigger and stronger than you, yet at the same time teaches you to be humble about your actions. It is practically self defense, so you can protect yourself and your loved ones if the need arises.

Stress Relief

If you're like me who's always stressed when at work, then this is definitely a good stress reliever. The practice of martial arts can lower your tension levels greatly. Martial arts has been known to have several stress reducing effects including released endorphins (hormones that make you happy!) to elevate mood and remove waste that clutter up your body and mind. When practicing martial arts, you generally develop greater focus and calmness of mind while training. The more you practice it, you'll develop positive attitude and better outlook on life.

Mental Focus

Martial arts can help with mental alertness and concentration. These of which can then be transferred to work and everyday living. You will experience greater energy levels and boost yourself so you would be able to “go that extra mile” when you need it.

You will find that with these 5 effects when practicing martial arts are only going to do you good. A fair warning would be that this will become addictive. The hardest part of your training is the beginning but after that, you will soon be craving it. While you may not notice it immediately, you will start feeling better, stronger and faster. Over time, you should begin feeling all of the above benefits and get that summer body in no time!


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