The Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I've been watching Nickelodeon since I was a kid and more than anything else, I've been enjoying how much they actually pour slime on the guests of their show let alone the kid contestants in games. The premise of this event I was supposed to go to was fun as they'll be holding a fun run in the Mall of Asia Concert grounds. Unfortunately, I didn't get to wake up that early for me to be able to rush down south as I live in the QC area. I missed a lot, a lot of fun and slime moments!

My favorite people from the Pineapple under the sea woke up early too and joined in the run. They lead a group of normal people, serious runners, excited kids and even their fur babies to run too!

I wasn't in my full athletic form but judging from the looks of it, even the kids survived the run. They had it in 200 meters, 1K and 3K events.
They had the real deal Pineapple Under the Sea house of Spongebob to serve as registration centers so people could suit up with their race kits and join in. It's the SLIME HUB!
After the fun run, the organizers and Nickelodeon gave away special awards to kids and their companions. It was nice to see they recognized the friendliest ones in the pack. (photo by FPJ of
Those cute little dogs remind me of my own, wish mine was alive though. I love activities that choose to let our four legged friends to tag along! (photo by FPJ of

Oh and of course, how can we ever forget the SLIME part of the show. Yes, kids, adults, or any age for that manner went through the fun of getting drenched in real SLIME because this is the SLIME RUN! Looks so much fun! (photo by FPJ of

They even got the words modified, the finish line became FINISH SLIME! Oh my how I miss the slime games I used to watch on Nickelodeon. Even if it was a rerun on TV, I still enjoyed it!
I am really sad that I didn't get to join in the fun, my apologies to the organizers who invited me but I didn't get to show up. I'm glad to see though that everyone had a really good time not just with the run but with the SLIME they had to go through. They also had facilities for showers  later on just to wash that SLIME off. The Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run 2016 really looks so fun! How I wish I could join in the next one if I get a little thinner and faster, probably enjoy it with someone, perhaps a dog would do.

Thanks to Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV ( too for furnishing us with lovely photos above. I love Spongebob! Oh my gawwwd!


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